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Course Evaluations

Fall 2010 Evaluation: 11/15/2010 to 12/3/2010


Enter your G00# (use zeroes, not capital O's) and click on Evaluate to begin.

If you experience problems email

$$$ Tuition Waiver Giveaway $$$

Twenty students who complete evaluations for their classes will be randomly selected to receive a tuition waiver for one three credit class this spring or summer, and one student will be selected to receive a tuition waiver of 15 credits.

You can become eligible to win a tuition waiver by completing all of your course evaluations for the Fall 2010 term. Winners will be notified on or about December 6, 2010.

About Security: When information is sent from a form using a web browser, you may get a message talking about security. This is a normal informational message displayed whenever data is sent without being encrypted. It does not mean others can see the information you entered. There is no way to match an evaluation with a particular person. Security and anonymity were primary design considerations.

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