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Residency Forms and Guidelines:

When applying for college in the state of Florida, it must be determined if you are a resident for tuition purposes.  To be considered a Florida resident you must have lived in the state of Florida for at least the previous 12 consecutive months; all documentation proving Florida residency must be at least 12 consecutive months old or older and must be current/valid Iincluding Florida driver license, Florida vehicle registration, and Florida voter registration.
Below you will find the PDF of the Florida Residency Statement for tuition purposes.  Before printing and completing, please click on  Acceptable Residency Documents to review which documents may be used to prove residency.  Doucmentation from the Department of Children and Family Services an/or proof of homeless status may be considered for Florida residency for tuition purposes.
To submit your Residency Statement and supporting documentation electronically, or for residency questions, please connect with us at

Florida Residency Affidavit



Florida Residency Guidelines at

The link above is to the residency guidelines provided by the Florida Department of Education on the web site. Florida Statutes and the State Board Rules concerning residency for tuition purposes are listed at this link.





Reclassification to Florida Resident

Residency Status Appeal Form

Once a residency status has been determined by SCF personnel and if a student believes that his or her residency classification is incorrect, he or she may submit a Residency Status Appeal Form and all supporting documentation is reviewed by the Residency Appeal Committee and their decision is final and communicated to the student in writing.


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