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Current Students

If you have finalized your course schedule, and would like to have your courses certified with VA, please review the guidelines below.  

Important Items to Remember...

  • Courses must be required for the degree you are currently pursuing.
  • Remedial courses must be in a classroom.  If any portion of the remedial course, to include the lab, is online the course CANNOT be certified.
  • Choose your electives wisely, as once you have reached your elective limit (specific to your degree program), VA will no longer pay for additional electives, even if they may be required to satisfy Gordon Rule or International/Intercultural requirements.  

Click the blue Certification link below to request certification. You may be asked to login with your MySCF credentials.  

 Link to VA Request for Certificaiton

 Additional Forms for Current & New Students  


Change of Major Form Link to PDF

Veteran Change of Major Form 22-1995

If you are changing your major you must complete and submit this form to the Office of Veteran Services.   

Change of Major Form Link

Spouse & Dependent Change of Major From 22-5495

If you are changing your major you must submit this form to the Office of Veteran Services.

NOBE From Link

N.O.B.E. Notice of Basic Eligibility Form

This form is for Reservists and National Guard, and it is to be completed by your unit educational officer. It must be returned to the Office of Veteran Services.   


EDD Application

Florida Army and Air National Guard Members

Educational Dollars for Duty (EDD) will cover 100% of tuition for those qualifying and attending a Florida Community College or Public University.



State of Legal Residence Certificate

Use this form to declare Florida Residency with Educational Records


Last Semester Rule 

If you are completing the last semester requirements for your degree VA will allow you to invoke the "Last Semester Rule." Under this rule you can round out your schedule in order to attain full time status and receive your full VA educational benefit for the semester.  

When you invoke this rule VA (in most cases) does not impose any restrictions on the courses you can take.  Additionally, the courses do not have to apply toward your degree; you should, however,  utilize this opportunity to take any additional requirements that may be required for transfer purposes. 

This rule can only be used once per program.

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