Student Services

Transfer Students

If you have previously used your VA educational benefits at another school you will need to complete the VA From 22-1995 (for student Veterans) or 22-5495 (for dependents). This Request for Change of Program or Place of Training form can be completed with the Veteran Advisor on your campus.


Transfer students must have their transcripts sent to State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota from ALL previously attended colleges and universities.  The Educational Records office on the SCF Bradenton Campus will evaluate all transfer credits.  Please note that any transcripts mailed to the SCF Venice campus will automatically be forwarded to the Bradenton campus.  The Veterans Administration has the right to cancel all benefits if SCF cannot verify your previous credit. CAUTION:  Many credits transferred to SCF often satisfy elective requirements in A.A. degree programs.  Once your elective limit has been reached, you may not be certified for any courses that fall in the elective area, even if additional electives are required for graduation.

We encourage you not to register for classes similar to ones previously taken until your transcripts have been fully evaluated.  Please note:  All eligible SCF courses taken previously, whether you were on benefits or not -- or if taken prior to entering the service, are still counted toward graduation.  Even if the courses are not related to the major you are currently pursuing, they could fall into the elective area.  These courses may not be repeated for benefit purposes, unless unsatisfactory grades were earned.  For Chapter 31 veterans who have transfer credit, the same rules apply.



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