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Certification of Courses 

Certification is the process by which the College certifies to the VA a student's dates of attendance, degree program, and number of credit or load hours taken. The VA will not pay any student without receiving this certification.

All veterans/dependents must be degree-seeking to have enrollment certified for benefits. Please pay attention to these reminders to ensure your enrollment is properly certified:

All enrollment is completed on the College's web site. Please refer to that site to enroll.

Make sure all courses taken are in your selected degree program. VA students will not be certified, nor paid by the VA, for courses that are not in your degree program.

Closely follow your elective limits and requirements.

If you have reached your elective limit but need more electives for your selected degree, the VA will not pay for more electives until an A.A. degree has been earned. Once earned, a letter from the senior institution listing the individual courses that are required to transfer at the junior level is needed. Please refer to the section entitled ELECTIVE LIMITS for more information. For Chapter 31 veterans, please see your case manager.


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