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Active Duty

Students Called To Active Duty

At different times, and for varied reasons, our Military Veterans, Reservists, and National Guard men and women who are attending SCF may receive orders for involuntary activation.  In such a case, the College needs to have a copy of the student's activation orders.  This copy must be submitted to a VA Certifying Official/Financial Aid Specialist at SCF for processing.   Submission may be completed by one of the following:

  • faxing your orders to the Venice campus at (941) 727-6322 or the Bradenton campus at (941) 727-6322;
  • scanning and e-mailing to William Graydon (Venice Campus) or Dennis Anglin (Bradenton Campus);
  • having a family or friend mail or hand-deliver the orders to the Financial Aid Office on the Venice or Bradenton campus.

This process will totally withdraw the student from his/her classes as though they never attended.  A total refund of tuition and fees will be applied to the student's SCF OneCard or to the scholarship that paid for the tuition and fees.  For book refunds, family or friends will need to provide a copy of the student's orders to the bookstore on either campus.  Book receipts and a copy of the student's schedule would be helpful, but not required.

Please Note: Those who volunteer for active duty are not included in the above process.  For any questions, contact our Veterans Office, at the above e-mail address.  

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