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Florida Pre-Paid

  • The Florida Pre-paid plan is fully automated beginning with the Fall 2013 term. This includes traditional pre-paid plans and plans offered by Take Stock in Children (TSIC). The Florida Pre-paid card is no longer accepted as it is not needed to ensure funding any longer.

    To ensure timely funding students must:

    • Be accepted to the State College of Florida AND have registered for classes.
    • Complete the student verification page in the “add/drop classes” section of their MYSCF account; students will opt in/out of using their Florida pre-paid* plan from this page each term.
    • Ensure social security number is correct with SCF Educational Records & the Florida Prepaid account records.
    • Register for classes EARLY as the process can take up to 7-10 business days to authorize and minimize schedule changes as there will be a delay in updating information.
    • Review account balances prior to the tuition payment deadlines posted in the academic calendar and accept responsibility for paying any fees outside the scope of the pre-paid plan.
    • Be responsible for understanding their pre-paid plan and its terms and conditions.
    • Contact Florida Prepaid each term to ensure their account remains in good standing and additional information is not required from the State (Survey Status requests).

    *students who opted out of the program that later change their mind, must submit a written request to the Cashiering/Fee Payment Office to have their award reinstated.

    Students with inquiries about the Florida Pre-Paid Program should contact: 1-800-552-4723

      • Press Prompt 1 - Enrollment Information
      • Press Prompt 2 - Current Prepaid Customer Account Information
      • Press Prompt 3 - Current Investment Customer Account Information


    Other Programs:

    -Pre-Paid Plans from Other States: Students should submit authorization cards/letters each year to the Office of Financial Aid

    -Florida 529 College Savings Plans- are not included in the pre-paid plan. Students shall coordinate with the plan administrator to have check issued.



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