Student Services

Student Government Association
Bradenton Campus

Executive Board

 Michelle Puls, SGA Advisor  (941)752-5607

D. Evans Rimel

2013-2014 President

Nathan Krafve

2013-2014 Vice President

Tessa Alyman 

2013-2014 Secretary/Treasurer

Elizabeth Bazan

2013-2014 ICC President

Michelle Teeter

2013-2014 Chief Justice

About SGA

Student Government Association functions as the students' voice at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota. SGA assists in policy making decisions that affect the academic lives of all those who attend SCF. In short, SGA is your direct link to the administration at SCF.

Over the course of the academic year, SGA organizes entertaining social events and coordinates community service projects. Fundraising proceeds go towards the SCF Single Parent Scholarship Fund. The SGA engages in activities that include:

  •  Volunteer work to help better our community
  • Arranging school events like Spring Fling, Club Rush, Fall Frolic, and Pep-rallies
  • Attending fun-filled seminars
  • Problem solving and leadership development
  • Working closely with SCF administration and staff
  • Protecting the welfare of fellow students
  • Bettering oneself, as well as the community, while having fun in the process!

News & Events

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