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Special Interest Clubs

African American Student Union (AASU)

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Richard Redding, 752-5436 or 

Student Development

The African American Student Union is an organization which promotes the appreciation of historical achievements, encourages academic success, cultural enrichment, as well as personal and leadership development. These goals are accomplished through workshops, community services and cultural exploration. AASU is an active member of the Florida African American Student Association (FAASA). Membership is open to any currently enrolled SCF student.


Association of Motivated Individuals Striving to Assist the Disabled (A.M.I.S.T.A.D.)

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Angela Powell, 752-5298 or

Disability Resource Center

The purpose of A.M.I.S.T.A.D. is to motivate individuals to break the barriers of disabilities and social differences in order to promote unification for the benefit of the community. The club is involved with many different service projects such as Adopt-a-Family and the Special Olympics.


Circle K International (CKI)

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: TBD,

Student Development

Circle K International is the college level of the Kiwanis Organization. It holds the promise of today's college students becoming tomorrow's leaders. Members of Circle K International are responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to community service worldwide, collaborating with all members of the Kiwanis family to achieve common objectives. The club exists to meet the personal needs of students through qualities of leadership, rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship. The club provides students with the opportunity to participate in organized volunteer activities providing needed service to individuals, families, agencies, and the community. Local Kiwanis clubs sponsor Circle K International and give members the opportunity to interact with professionals throughout the community.


Film/Video Club

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Del Jacobs, 752-5593 or

Fine and Performing Arts

The Film Club has two primary areas of engagement to encourage student participation in the culture of cinema. These involve aspects of film/video production and aspects of film/video presentation. An active presence is assured through campus events focused on screening and discussion of films, and support efforts to film productions and festivals emanating from classes and from outside producers/presenters.


Gay, Straight, Transgender Alliance

SCF Venice

Contact Advisors: Mark Menezes 408-1442 or and Angela Santoro 408-1545 or

Student Development and SCF Store 

Health and Wellness Club

SCF Venice

Contact Advisor: Andrew Swanson, Ph.D. 408-1494 or 

Natural Sciences


Literary Guild

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Carole Cole 752-5476 or

Language & Literature

The Literary Guild provides a place for writers to meet, share their work, talk with other writers, and enjoy the community of writers and organize literary activities on campus.


Pop Culture Club

SCF Venice

Contact Advisors: Michelle Flynn 408-1476 or or and Lynette O'Neill 408-1476 or



Swamp Scribes

SCF Venice

Contact Advisor: Dr. Doug Ford, 408-1501 or

Langugage and Literature Department

Swamp Scribes was established to provide its members with an out-of-class medium to discuss and exchange ideas to further the imagination, creativity and originality of its members, students and the community while promoting a diversity of views by studying and performing works from other cultures


Veteran's Collegiate Association

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Dr. Paul Nolting, 752-5326 or

Student Development 


Veterans Exchange (VX)

SCF Venice

Contact Advisor: Jennifer Meier 408-1459 or

Langugage and Literature  


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