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How to Reschedule an Exam

The following exams can be rescheduled online at

  • Placement Test P.E.R.T.
  • Make up Exam SCF Student
  • Disability Resource Center Accommodated Testing
  • Dual Enrollment Testing

The instructions for rescheduling the exams are the same for all four tests.

Go to
    • Once on that page click the tab at the top that says: My Registrations
    • Once you click on that tab you will then see a History Request screen. Enter the SAME email you used when you registered for the exam
You will receive an email to your account.
    • The subject line will read: “RegisterBlast History Request”. Inside this email there will be a link to click on. When you click on that link it will display all of your testing appointments, current and past.
    • On the far right side you will be able to click on “View Detail” for all exams. This will display your test receipt.
    • On tests that have not yet been taken you will see “Reschedule”. When you click on “Reschedule” you will be able to reschedule your test for another day and time.
Canceling an appointment:

In the future we hope to be able to add the functionality to allow you to cancel an appointment.

The tests that you are NOT able to reschedule at this time are:

      • CLEP
      • Proctored Exam Non-State College of FL Students
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