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TOEFL/TWE Publications                                                         Web Site:
Educational Testing Service                                          
P.O. Box 6154                                                                  
Princeton, NJ 08541-6154
(609) 771-7100

In order for the College to get a copy of your scores, you MUST use this TOEFL
Code Number 5427 (code number assigned to SCF) when you take the test!

TOEFL Scores Required for SCF:

       Paper-based test:        500 or better, 499 is not acceptable.
      Computer-based test:   173 or better, 172 is not acceptable.
      Online-based test:          61 or better,  60 is not acceptable.

Local Testing Site:

Students currently in the local area who wish to take the TOEFL may contact the
local testing site in Sarasota, Florida by calling: (941) 923-9399.

TOEFL Practice Online:

Students can join the TOEFL® PRACTICE ONLINE community free at the following address to take advantage of official TOEFL
practice materials that can help improve your English communication skills and
prepare you for the new TOEFL® Internet-Based Test (iBT).*

FREE TOEFL® iBT PRACTICE TEST - features the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections and offers immediate feedback, plus sample Speaking questions and responses.

TOEFL iBT SPEAKING PRACTICE - consists of six tasks designed to measure students'
ability to speak English effectively in educational environments. Students' scores and performance feedback will be posted online within five business days.

TOEFL® SKILL BUILDERS - includes new Reading and Listening question sets taken
from actual computer-based TOEFL tests. Additional TOEFL SKILL BUILDERS starting
in September 2005.

TOEFL® access - starting in October 2005! TOEFL Practice Online members will be invited to join a new online community designed for students planning to study in English-speaking countries. It will feature information on academics, culture, careers, scholarships, testing and more.

* For the latest information about TOEFL iBT availability in your country, go to

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