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  State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota
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Your I-20 is an electronic record maintained in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).  Only one school at a time can access a student's record.  If you wish to leave State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota and transfer to another school/academic institution, this record must be transferred to the institution you wish to attend.  To request a SEVIS transfer, complete this form.

Please Read Carefully:

  • The SEVIS record can only be transferred to one school.
  • Transfer must be reported within 60 days of your program completion/graduation.
  •  Report the transfer to the SCF Coordinator of Admissions & International Student Services who will select a "release date".  After this date, your record is transferred to your new school and they will then access the SEVIS record.
  • The "release date" is a date after the last day of exams. 
  • To request an earlier date:
    1. State the reason for the request and
    2. Attach supporting documents (acceptance letter including reporting date, advising date, testing date, etc.).
  • You must begin studies at the new school within 5 months of program completion at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.
  • The transfer may only be cancelled before the release to the new school takes place.
  • If you decide to continue at Manatee and cancel the transfer, you must notify the International Student Office before the release date.
  • This procedure is only to release your SEVIS record.  You must still complete all other requirements necessary for transfer.

Print and complete form.                          SEVIS ID:  N_______________________________

Last Name:____________________________ First Name:________________________________

Date of Birth:______________________

Student Number:  G00____________                          Telephone Number:  (____)_________________

Transfer To:

School Name:  ________________________________________________________________________

School Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

                  City:  ____________________    State:  _______                        Zip Code:  ____________

         Telephone:  (____)___________________   Fax:  (____)______________________

Expected Start Date:  ___________________

Have you received a letter of acceptance from the new school? Y N  If No, Why _______________________

Do you need an earlier release date? Y N

      If YES, requested release date:  ____/_____/______

      Reasons for request (attach supporting documents):  _________________________________________

Please read and sign:  I authorize SCF to transfer my SEVIS record to the above named school/academic institution.  I understand that the Coordinator of Admissions & International Student Services will select a release date unless I have specified otherwise.  I am aware that if I change my mind, I must notify the Coordinator of Admissions & International Student Services BEFORE transfer is completed.  Failure to do so will mean I will be required to attend the new school.  I attest that the information provided above is correct.

________________________________                                      _________________________

           Signature                                                                                        Date


SEVIS updated on: ________  (P)DSO initial: ______  Transfer release date of: _________

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