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Request Less Than Full-Time

F-1 International Students ONLY!

STUDENT: complete Section A,

***If you are requesting a reduced course load for MEDICAL reasons you need to have a doctor's letter, signed.  If it is your FIRST TERM in school in the United States, please see the Coordinator of Admissions & International Students for information.***


A. To be completed by Student: 

FAMILY NAME________________________________FIRST NAME:______________________

STUDENT #G00_________________

E-mail ADDRESS____________________TELEPHONE#_____________________________

DEGREE:  A.A./A.S./A.A.S (circle one)       COMPLETION DATE ON CURRENT 1-20:________________________

B. To be completed by Coordinator of Admissions & International Students:

In general, permission to register for less than full-time should occur twice in a student's career.

According to immigration regulations the foreign student (F-1) should be full-time during each fall and spring semester.

***PLEASE NOTE- regulations require approval from the International Student Services Office for taking less than a full course load prior to the start of classes in the corresponding academic term or the student will fallout of status***

Check one of the following: 

___ Due to medical reasons (letter attached) the student will be unable to meet the full-time course requirement.

___ Due to testing requirements, student will be unable to meet the full-time course requirements.

___ Other reason (please attach letter). 

I endorse and recommend less than full-time registration for this student during (FALL / SPRING) ______ year.

  Coordinator of Admissions & International Students:

  ________________________________                           __________________
                   Signature                                                            Date

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