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F-1 International Student Responsibilities

Under new regulations of the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) that implement the Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), it is critical that all F-l international students take responsibility for maintaining their legal status in the United States.

As an F-l international student, I understand that I must comply fully with the following eleven points:



1. I must present proof of and maintain adequate medical insurance coverage for illness and injuries in the United States.

2. I must maintain a valid passport at all times, unless exempt from passport requirements.

3. I must attend State College of Florida as authorized by USICE.

4. I will complete an official immigration transfer form if I change educational institutions. (I must notify the SCF Educational Records Office of my intent to transfer, follow the procedures to be given and obtain an I-20 form from the new institution, and report to the international office at my new school within fifteen days of the program's start date listed on my new I-20).

5. As an F-1 student at State College of Florida I must maintain a full course of study (12 credit hours) during normal enrollment periods (Fall and Spring semesters). I know that I must receive authorization/permission from the Coordinator of Educational Records before registering for (or changing my registration to) fewer that twelve (12) credits. I must complete the "request for authorization to drop below full-time enrollment" and submit it to the Coordinator of Educational Records prior to my registering for less than a full course load (or prior to my dropping below a full course load).

6. I must apply for an extension of my program of study prior to the expiration date on my I-20 form if I cannot complete my program by that date. As an F -1 student, I must complete and submit the form "recommendation for extension of program".  I must submit my request   for extension between thirty and sixty days prior to the expiration date of my I-20 form.

7. I must obtain a new form I-20 before changing my academic program from one major/field of study to another (e.g. from Physics to Chemistry or from an Associate in Arts to Associate in Science degree).

8. I am not allowed to work off campus in the United States without USCIS authorization.  I may, however, work on campus for a maximum of twenty hours per week when school is in session. If not attending during the summer months and I am enrolled for the Fall term, I may work for more than 20 hours until the day before classes start in the Fall.

9. I must report any change of address or residence and/or any change of name directly to the Educational Records Office and USICE using the "change of address" forms listed on SCF's Web site.

10. I must notify the Coordinator of Educational Records prior to traveling outside the U.S. so that my current I-20 form can be endorsed for travel or a new form can, if required, be issued. (International students who plan to apply for a U.S. visa must contact the Coordinator of Educational Records for proper guidance and completion of necessary papers).  Students must contact the Coordinator of Educational Records one to two weeks prior to their anticipated travel date to have their I-20 signed.

11. I must notify the Coordinator of Educational Records of any accompanying dependents in F-2 and provide biographical information (e.g. full name, address, country of birth, date of birth, etc.) and immigration information (e.g. passport information, visa information, etc.) regarding those dependents.  The Coordinator of Educational Records is required to report information to SEVIS regarding my dependents.

This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change without notice.  International Students should contact the Educational Records Office to discuss any questions or concerns related to their legal status in the United States.  To remain up-to-date on changes in U.S. immigration law and/or procedures, to be informed about workshops and training sessions offered, I must access SCF's Web site pages for "International Students" on a regular basis.

I have read all of the above text about maintaining my legal status in the United Statesand understand that I must comply fully with these regulations in order to remain legal.  I further understand that this information is not exhaustive and that I should direct any additional questions or concerns about my legal status to a professional in the Educational Records Office, 941-752-5384.

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