Student Services

Receiving Funds

It is the student’s responsibility to understand the attendance policies of all courses they are enrolled in. See disbursement dates for each term.

Tuition and Fees

SCF deducts tuition and fees from your financial aid award directly. If your award is less than the cost of tuition and fees, you must pay the difference by the tuition due date.

Funds Applied to your SCF OneCard

Any remaining credit balances after tuition and fees and books; of purchased at the college will be applied to your SCF OneCard, based on the choice made when you activated the card. See disbursement dates for each term.

Loan Disbursements

All loans are disbursed in two payments, even if you are enrolled in Fall term or Spring term only. The second installment is delivered at the midpoint of your loan period.

Student Employment Pay

Students working through student employment programs receive checks bi-weekly through their supervisor or directly deposited into their bank accounts.


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