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2013-2014 Financial Aid Forms

 *All Students are required to check their SCF Connect account before printing any documents. Once you have reviewed your SCF connect account, please print the requested document and attach all that is required. If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Services Department.*

Financial Aid Information Sheet-

1314 Verification Forms

(Do not submit Verification Worksheet unless instructed by the Financial Aid Department.)

This form is needed when a student is selected for FAFSA verification. Primary reasons for being selected:

  • You were randomly selected
  • Your estimated income on your FAFSA
  • Your FAFSA has incomplete data

Steps to take when completing verification:

  • Make sure you are completing the correct verification form.
  • Make sure form is completely filled out.
  • Make sure all requested documents are attached.

*Note: V4 and V5 verification must be submitted and signed in person. If you can’t submit in person, you will be required to have your verification document notarized. *

*Before printing from the list below, please make sure you are printing the correct verification worksheet*

Loan Forms  

1314 Loan Request Form

This form is needed to request additional unsubsidized loan funds.

1314 Loan Change Form 

This form should be completed to make any changes to or cancel an existing loan..  

1314 Plus Loan Request Form

This form must be completed by the Parent Borrower for a Parent Plus loan. A Parent PLUS Loan must be approved through the Department of Education before this form is completed. For more information please refer to the PLUS loan information.

1314 Private Loan Request Form

This form must be completed by the Borrower for a private loan. You must have a current approval for a private loan before submitting this request. For more information please refer to the Private Loan information

Summer Loan Application (Must be registered for summer classes before submitting.)

1314 SAP and Remedial Forms

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (SAP) Form (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)

Students with the status of Financial Aid Suspension or Termination, wishing to appeal their status, should follow the guidelines set forth in this document. You may submit the form online. If you have additional documents to submit with your appeal, you will need to come into the Financial Aid Office: Please make sure you include your Name and ID# on all documents and attached to your appeal.  It is YOUR responsibility to follow up with Financial Aid office to ensure that all necessary forms and documents were received.

Additional Degree SAP Review Form (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)

In order to be eligible for an Additional Degree Review, I must be enrolled in another eligible program, must be meeting GPA and RATIO standards.

Remedial/Developmental Hours Review (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)

The Remedial Review is an informal review, not an appeal. Provided the student is meeting academic standards otherwise (i.e GPA/Ratio), you may request this review more than once.

1314 Other Forms 

Award Re-Evaluation Form - (Acceptance, Cancellation, Reduction of Financial Aid)

Students may request a re-evaluation of their financial aid award when you have a change in your enrollment status, hours, or major. Student may also request a re-evaluation of Pell Grant, direct loans, and/ or work study. 

Petition for Selective Service

Unusual Enrollment History Form   - (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)

The Department of Education has indicated we must review your enrollment history to determine if you must appeal for financial aid eligibility.   

Title IV Authorization Form

If you are eligible for financial aid in excess of tuition and fees, you may use such funds to pay for other educationally-related charges, such as books and supplies. In addition, you may authorize State College of Florida to use excess aid funds to pay SCF Bookstore charges. Please be aware that if you do not grant State College of Florida such authorization, you are responsible for paying for all books, supplies, and other charges incurred at the SCF Bookstore


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