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2016-2017 Financial Aid Forms

Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year, our office is now requiring students to complete and submit their financial aid forms online. This prevents you from having to complete a paper form and bring it in to our office.                   The way this new process will work – when you sign in to your SCF Connect account online and click on the appropriate form, you will be taken directly to that form and be able to complete and submit it immediately. Our office will receive the document    and have it processed within 7 – 10 business days. The new system will make the process of submitting financial aid documents much easier and more efficient. If you experience any difficulties, please feel free to contact our office.          


Invest In You - Financial Aid Brochure -  English                             
Invest In You - Financial Aid Brochure -  Spanish                             

Verification Forms                      

(Do not submit Verification Worksheet unless instructed by the Financial Aid Department.)                      

*Note: V4 and V5 verification must be submitted and signed in person. If you can’t submit in person, you will be required to have your verification document notarized.*                             

V-1 Independent Verification Worksheet

V-1 Dependent Verification Worksheet

V-4 Independent Verification Worksheet 

V-4 Dependent Verification Worksheet 

V-5 Independent Verification Worksheet 

V-5 Dependent Verification Worksheet 

V-6 Independent Verification Worksheet 

V-6 Dependent Verification Worksheet 

1617 Parent Tax Form 

1617 Student Tax Form 

Low Income Dependent Form 

Low Income Independent Form                             

Loan Forms                   

1617 Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan Request Form

1617 Private Loan Request Form  

1617 Summer Loan Request Form

(You must apply with a loan lender and get approved before applying for a private loan).                             

SAP and Remedial Forms                            

Satisfactory Academic Progress Application (SAP) Form                             

Additional Degree SAP Review Form(Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)                    

Remedial/Developmental Hours Review (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)    

Other Forms                               

Special Circumstances Appeal                             

Financial Aid Adjustment Form               

     - Requesting a decrease in subsidized or unsubsidized loans                             

     - Request a cancellation of loans                             

     - Request a decrease or cancellation of Federal Work Study                             

     - Declining All Financial Aid                             

     - Title IV Authorization                             

Petition for Dependency                             

Homeless Status Verification (Must submit within one month of your first class for the upcoming term)                             

Petition for Selective Service  - (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)                       

Unusual Enrollment History Petition Form   - (Do not submit this form unless requested by the Financial Aid Services office)

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