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Policies & Procedures for Educational Records

Credit Definitions

Credit Hour : One credit hour represents one hour (50) minutes of class for 16 weeks (inclusive of final examinations), four hours per week for 12 weeks, or eight hours per week for six weeks. Most courses carry three credits and meet for three hours per week for 16 weeks.

Degree Credits: Credits carried by courses that can be used to meet degree requirements and that count toward the grade point average (GPA), in contrast to college preparatory credits.     

College Preparatory Credits: Credits carried by college preparatory courses that serve to prepare students for degree credit courses. When dictated by placement test scores, students must earn appropriate college preparatory credits before advancing to degree credits. College preparatory credits cannot be used to meet degree requirements and do not count toward the GPA. College preparatory credits do contribute to student-time status (part-time, full-time), and are covered by most forms of financial aid, except the Bright Futures scholarships. Part-time degree- seeking students may complete 12 degree credits before college preparatory courses become mandatory.

Freshman: A student who has earned fewer than 30 degree term credits (excluding college preparatory credits) and/or fewer than 60 grade points.

Sophomore: A student who has earned 30 or more degree term credits (excluding college preparatory credits) and at least 60 grade points.

Full-time: A student who is registered for 12 or more credits-including degree credits and college preparatory credits-for a Fall, Spring or Summer term.

Part-time: A student who is registered for 11 or fewer credits-including degree credits and college preparatory credits- for a Fall, Spring or Summer term.

Minimum: The minimum load to be enrolled as a student is one credit hour-degree credit or college preparatory credit-for a term. Financial aid minimum loads and veterans' benefits minimum loads are described in the Student Financial Aid section of the Catalog.

Maximum: A maximum class load is 18 term credit hours (degree and college preparatory credits) per Fall, Spring or Summer term (with the exception of certain programs requiring a heavier load).

Overload: A petition for an overload above the 18 credit hours is required. Petitions must be acquired from and approved by enrollment services counselors/advisors on either campus. Students are limited to 21 total credit hours for a single term. Appeals to this policy can be directed to the vice president for student development and enrollment services.

Name and Address Changes

Student may change their mailling address on the SCF Web site:
       -Click on SCF Connect
       -Enter your Student ID number and PIN
       -Click on "Student Records and Financial Aid"
       -Click on "Personal Information"
       -Click on "Update Addresses"
All name changes must be made in writing and include a legal document such as: marriage license or court order.

Graduation Application

Students must apply for graduation by completing a  Graduation Application and paying a $20 fee by the established deadline during the term in which they plan to be graduated. Check the academic calendar in the college catalog, class schedule and student handbook and planner for deadline dates.

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