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Withdrawal from a Course or Complete Withdrawal from the College (no refund)

A student may withdraw from any or all courses without the academic penalty of a "WF" grade by the withdrawal deadline as listed in the State College of Florida academic calendar, College Catalog, and SCF website. A student in an accelerated or short-term course may withdraw without the academic penalty of a "WF" grade anytime before the withdrawal deadline specific for the course. When a "WF" is entered, it is recorded in the student's permanent record and calculated as an "F" in the grade point average. SCF encourages the student to discuss intent to withdraw with the instructor (and Financial Aid Office, if applicable) prior to withdrawing. A student who withdraws from any or all courses is required to complete a survey and form with enrollment services where an advisor/counselor will assist the student in the withdrawal process.

Course withdrawals, after the deadline for the term as published in the academic calendar, will result in a grade of "WF," which is computed in the term and cumulative GPA. Appeal requests, accompanied by documentation of a major extenuating circumstance, should be submitted to the dean of academic affairs. The dean of academic affairs has the final approval/disapproval authority. If the appeal is granted, the "WF" grade would be changed to a "W" without GPA consequences. Forms can be obtained from the advising and academic departments on all campuses.

Effective Fall 1997, the state mandates a student will be permitted a maximum of three attempts per course. An "attempt" is defined as registration in a class after the end of the registration period.

A student must take responsibility for initiating the withdrawal procedure. If this procedure is not followed, a grade of "WF" may be recorded for the student and "F" calculated in the grade point average.

If a "WF" is entered, it will be recorded on the permanent record and calculated as "F" in the grade point average.

All withdrawal policy statements apply to both part- and full-time degree-credit and developmental-education-credit students.


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