Student Services

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

All students must have a student identification number and personal identification number (PIN) to register by Web and to access their grades and academic records online.

  • Once a student successfully logs into the system, the student should enter a new PIN for security reasons. A new PIN must be created using six numbers. 
  • The student will be asked to enter a PIN code security question. 
  • Students are encouraged to select a PIN, question and answer that are easy to remember as this will allow the student to reset the PIN at a later time. 
  • Students should remember and protect their PIN, as it is their access to confidential student information.

If a student has logged into the system incorrectly multiple times, they will not be able to access their academic records.  Students can request a PIN code reset from the Educational Records Office and must bring a current picture identification card (i.e. driver's license or current student identification card) in person to the Educational Records Office. 

Requests also can be faxed to (941) 727-6380 (Bradenton) or (941) 480-3156 (Venice) or scanned and emailed to and must include:

  • the student's request for the reset
  • a signature and
  • an attached copy of a valid identification card. 
  • faxed or emailed requests require 24 hours for completion.
  • PINs cannot be reset via telephone.
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