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Summer/Fall:  May 15th 
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 Early College Guidebook

The Early College Guidebook includes information regarding program eligibility, college polices, guidelines, standards and responsibilities. Students are expected to be familiar and comply with its contents.  While this guidebook provides an overall review of general Early College policies and guidelines, it is not intended to be inclusive or all-encompassing in that not all situations are foreseeable. The college reserves the right to change, add or delete any statement in this guidebook. 


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Appointments are required.  Student must be present.
Due to the high volume, our office is no longer accepting walk-ins.
Public/Private students, please meet with your high school counselor.

The Early College Program at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) allows qualified high school students to enroll in selected college courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements and the associate degree.  In accordance with s. 1009.25, F.S., the College does not charge dual enrollment and early admission students tuition and certain fees.

Dual Enrollment enables qualified public, private, and home education students from 6th to 12th grade to enroll in selected college credit courses offered by SCF.  The credits that they earn count toward both a college degree and a high school diploma. 

Early Admission is a form of dual enrollment that enables qualified 12th grade high school students to spend their senior year enrolled at SCF.  Students accepted for Early Admission take all their classes at SCF and must register for at least four classes totaling 12-15 credit hours.   Credits count toward a high school diploma and an associate degree. 

Accelerated Dual Enrollment is open to Sarasota County public high school students only.  The Accelerated Dual Enrollment  program allows qualified juniors to gain college credit and high school credit by attending SCF full time. The students will continue full-time at SCF as Seniors and are on track to graduate with their high school diploma and potentially an AA degree from SCF.   Questions? Please email:

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