Student Services

Readmission Policy

Former students who have not been in attendance for one year or more must apply for readmission and provide all documentation regarding residency requirements to the Educational Records Office.

Students have the option of graduating under either the Catalog in effect at the time they re-enter the College, or the Catalog in effect at the time they complete requirements for a degree provided they maintain continuous enrollment of at least one credit per academic year. If continuous enrollment is broken, they must graduate under the Catalog in effect when they reregister or the Catalog in effect at the time they complete requirements for a degree.

Any former student who withdraws after attempting 12 term hours or more, with a cumulative or overall average of less than 2.0, will be readmitted in accordance with current academic standing rules.

Students seeking readmission after academic suspension or dismissal must follow the procedures in the Academic Standing section of the Catalog.

Students seeking readmission who were previously suspended or expelled from State College of Florida must:

• provide reason(s) for readmission, including documentation that all previous issues, activities and/or violations of the College Standards of Student Behavior have been rectified/resolved;

• have their request for readmission reviewed and approved by the College admissions committee.


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