Student Services

Auditing Students

Students may take courses for audit but must be admitted in the same manner as credit students. An application for admission must be completed and students must register during the time period indicated in the College calendar.

Audit Policy


A student may change from credit to audit status in any course before the end of the second week of classes or the end of the drop/add period for short-term courses. The student initiates this option by completing the "Student Request to Change Course to Audit/Credit form" found in Educational Records on either campus. Class tests or examinations are not required of the student auditing the course. However, class attendance is expected.  Students must meet the same prerequisite requirements as degree-seeking students for specific courses. Students will receive a grade of "X" for any courses they audit. Audit courses will not affect the grade point average, academic standing or previously earned credits. 

Courses taken on an audit basis may not be counted when calculating eligibility for Veterans benefits, financial assistance or certification of enrollment by outside agencies.  Audited courses do not count in the total attempts for grade forgiveness or withdrawal purposes but do count as an attempt of a course.

No student may audit more than six hours of credit courses in a term except by special permission of the vice president of student development and enrollment services.  Fees for audit courses are the same as courses for credit. 


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