Student Services

Disability Resource Center (DRC) Application for Services

Application for Services-Steps 1-10

Step #1-Apply and be accepted to State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

Step #2- Complete the DRC Application for Accommodations and Services Form –provide up-to-date contact information and sign the form.

Step #3-Obtain Documentation of Disability- appropriate documentation must contain two components: a diagnosis by a qualified professional, and a statement regarding the impact of the disability on a major life function as denoted in the ADA/504 regulation. Please note the documentation of the disability needs to provide sufficient information on the student's functional limitations within the academic environment so that appropriate and effective academic accommodations can be recommended. This may include, but is not limited to, an Individual Education Plan (IEP), letter from a psychologist or medical provider, psychoeducational testing report, or VA disability documentation.  Documentation Guidelines

Step #4-Schedule an intake appointment with DRC staff- bring signed Application for Accommodations and Services Form and your disability documentation to the appointment. Call 941-752-5295 or email:

Step #5-Develop your Accommodation Agreement-during the intake appointment DRC staff will review your documentation and discuss reasonable academic accommodations. The DRC staff will explain the accommodation process, specifically the importance of self-advocacy and working collaboratively with instructors.

Step #6- Request your Memorandum of Accommodations EVERY semester-email your name and G00# to the DRC Office:  It is your responsibility to initiate the request EACH semester. Use your SCF email account. Please allow 5 days to process requests.

Step #7-Deliver a copy of your Memorandum of Accommodations to each instructor-once the accommodation request email is received, the DRC will email the Memorandum of Accommodations to your SCF email (look for the file attachment). It is your responsibility to print and deliver a copy to each instructor. For on-line courses, forward the email and attachment to each instructor.

Step #8- Work collaboratively with your instructor and the DRC staff- accommodations are not effective until you have delivered the memos; accommodations are not retroactive. It is best to deliver the memo the first week of the semester, even if you are not sure you will be utilizing some or all of the accommodations.

Step #9 Practice self-advocacy.-follow the DRC processes for approved accommodations listed on your Accommodation Agreement. Notify the DRC if you experience any difficulties or concerns with your accommodations. Please note that you may be required to provide additional documentation should you request changes to your accommodation agreement.

Step #10-Check your SCF email regularly-the DRC uses student email as the primary source of communication!

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