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Note Taker Services

Registered DRC students approved for note taker accommodations must practice self-advocacy and take an active role in identifying a volunteer note taker. 


1)     Ask a student you may know or observe someone in your class who takes comprehensive class notes. Ask this person if they are willing to serve as note taker.

2)     If you are unable secure a note taker, or you feel uncomfortable approaching another student, you can work with your instructor.  Present the Note Taker Request Form to your instructor to read to the class. The instructor will not reveal your identity. The instructor will give the form to the volunteer student. The student volunteer will contact the DRC to make arrangements for delivery of class notes. 

3)     Suggest to your instructor that there be a "class note taker" each day.

The responsibility for notes rotates among participants in the class so that no one student is responsible every day. Notes are posted on ANGEL for all students to use.

4)     If you have any difficulties in obtaining notes or in identifying a note taker, please contact the DRC Office as soon as possible.



1)     Using carbon paper notebooks provided by the DRC Office.

2)     Make copies of notes at the DRC Office free of charge.

3)     Volunteer note taker can give notes directly to the DRC student, or leaves notes with the instructor for DRC student  pick-up, or leave notes at the DRC Office for DRC student pick-up, or e-mails notes to DRC student email



1)     Help out a fellow student!

2)     Volunteer service to SCF-include on a resume or job application. Obtain a letter of recommendation from the Disability Resource Center.

3)     Community Service Hours- for education, psychology, and related majors

4)     Use of the DRC facilities (photo copying for school-related papers, computers, and study success materials)


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