Student Services

DRC Computer Lab

Registered DRC students have the privilege of utilizing the computer lab for printing, tutoring and school-related computer use. Adaptive equipment and assistive technology are available including screen enlargers, screen reader software, speech to text, text to speech, adjustable tables, adaptive keyboards, trackball, and other devices.

The following rules have been established in order to provide an environment that is respectful to all students and conducive to learning. If you wish to use the lab you must abide by these policies:

1)   Printing (limited school-related only)- 10 pages per day
      Print on both sides of paper when applicable.
      Print 4 or more slides per page for PowerPoint.
**DRC Staff will assist if you need to learn how to use these printing options

2)   Computers and lab are for registered DRC students only.

3)   Computers are for SCF school-related use only.

4)   No food.

5)   No friends or children in lab.

6)   Keep voice volume low.

7)   Silence cell phones.

8)   Lab closes at 4:00 pm.   Please stop printing and computer use.

*DRC Computer Lab hours are subject to change.

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