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Final Exam Review Workshops - Bradenton ARC

During FINAL EXAM CRAM (Sunday, December 9, 2018)

    • 1:00pm     MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra

    • 1:00pm     MAC1105 College Algebra

    • 1:00pm     CHM1025 Intro Chemistry

    • 2:30pm     MAC1114 Trigonometry

    • 2:30pm     STA2023 Statistics

    • 2:30pm     CHM2045 General Chemistry I

    • 4:00pm     MAC2233 Applied Calculus

  • 4:00pm    MGF1106 Topics of Math

  • 4:00pm     MAC1140 Precalculus

    • 5:30pm    MAT0018/0028/0057 Pre-College Math

    • 5:30pm    MGF1107 Liberal Arts Math

    • 5:30pm    CHM2046 General Chemistry II

    • If you would like to see a test review for your class listed here, ask your professor to request one with Melissa Bell, ARC Manager at

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