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Department Courses
The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers preparatory A. A. programs for students planning to continue their education at the university level in Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, Geography, History, Paralegal/Legal Assisting, Political Science & Government, and Psychology. Additionally, the department offers courses that lead to the A.A.S. degree in five areas: Early Childhood Educaiton, Instructional Services Technology for Educational Para-Professionals, Paralegal/Legal Assisting, Criminal Justice Technology, and Fire Science Technology.

 Degrees Offered: 

Cynthia S. Vensel

Division Chair
Cynthia S. Vensel, Ph.D
Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Includes criminal justice, early childhood, education, legal assisting/paralegal,
fire science.

  A.A.S. & A.S. Degrees and Certificate Programs

Education:Early Childhood [2509]


Early Childhood - Early Intervention [3003]


Criminal Justice Technology [2514]

A.A.S./ A.S.

Fire Science Technology [2516]


Fire Science Administration [4003]

Advanced Certificate

Paralegal/Legal Assisting [2518]

A.A.S./ A.S.

Paralegal/Legal Assisting [4004]

Advanced Technical Certificate

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