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Manatee Excellence Award

Do you know someone whose attitudes or behaviors go above and beyond the call of
duty and align with the College mission and Pride in Excellence philosophy?
Nominate them to receive the Manatee Excellence Award.

The selection committee will use the following standards for judging criteria, points will be awarded in each category based on how the employee demonstrates each of the individual PIE Standards below and the PIE Mission Statement.

  • Respectful
    Acts in a courteous manner; actively listens to others to ensure full understanding; demonstrates awareness of "everything speaks" and reflects this in their workspace. Demonstrates concern for others and is empathetic and caring. This differs from those who tend to treat others in a discourteous manner, do not listen attentively and show little or no empathy toward colleagues. Does not demonstrate regard for "everything speaks", as personal workspace is often in disarray. 

  • Responsiveness
    Identifies needs and expectations and responds to them in a timely and effective manner often going above and beyond to meet other’s needs. Takes ownership of actions and decisions. Anticipates and prevents delays or other things that can adversely affect another. Interested in providing a high degree of responsiveness and follow through and keeps others informed about the pending status of actions and/or inquiries. Approaches others in an inviting and pleasing manner and uses proper communication etiquette. This contrasts with individuals who display inconsistent approaches toward others and in gathering information and following through and/or does not accept ownership in responding to requests. 

  • Accurate
    Knowledgeable of areas of responsibility and how their position interfaces with others. Does it right the first time and uses resources effectively and efficiently. Asks probing questions to gain full understanding. Takes pride in quality of work product. This contrasts with those who often must redo assignments due to errors and inaccuracies. Quality of work is generally less than adequate. 

  • Collaborative
    Is an effective team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas, opinions and feedback. Communicates in an open and collaborative manner and can be counted upon to fulfill any commitments made to others on the team. This is distinctly different from those who withhold ideas and opinions, offer ideas or opinions that rarely add value to team discussions, have established a track record with many unmet commitments, and/or have not contributed skills that complement the skills of others on the team. 

PIE Mission Statement:
We enrich lives by providing a welcoming and supportive learning community that fosters success.


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