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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Employee training and continuing education are an integral part of the success and efficiency of SCF's operation and are instrumental to employee development within their jobs. In order to accomplish the mutual benefit of an increasingly skilled and efficient workforce, both administrators and employees must share responsibility for training and education.

The purpose of TOP at SCF is to provide financial incentives to professional and career employees who complete training/eduaction, which result in a knowledge/skill that enhances their performance in their current job. Only those training and education opportunities that apply directly to the employee's current job as described in the Job Classification Descriptions or approved TOP Track course descriptions will be approved for TOP credit. As with most budget allocations for the next year, the College will await final budget allocations from the State before determining whether TOP classes will be offered for the Fiscal Year. 

Human Resources, the TOP committee and Corporate & Community Development are jointly responsible for the development of the training/education programs available for TOP. Training needs will be reviewed at regular intervals to assure that effective training/education is accomplished within the college's financial resources and training priorities.  Training/education programs that are eligible for TOP include: designated TOP classes, classes related to current job conducted by SCF's CCD or credit courses, outside workshops and seminars and/or credit courses in a job related outside degree program, or other class that may be instrumental in broadening the skill and knowledge of career employees in the performance of their duties.  

ELIGIBILITY: All regular, full-time and part-time professional and career employees may participate in the TOP program during their employment with State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota.

TOP REQUIREMENTS: Employees must accumulate at least 24 hours of training per year.  Hours in excess of 24 cannot carry over to subsequent years nor can hours short of 24 be made up in another year.

CREDIT CLASSES: Credit classes are applicable to TOP only if they are directly related to the eligible employee's current position. (1 hour of credit = 16 hours of TOP time.  Therefore a 3-hour credit class for one semester meets all the requirements of TOP for the calendar year.

Outside courses, classes or seminars must pertain to position held. If a course, class or seminar is being taken for TOP, then the travel expenses (lunch, tolls, etc.) are not paid by the college.

TOP AWARD: The TOP program runs on a fiscal year calendar with the lump sum award of $250 being paid out the following December.

TOP LIMIT: Currently, there is no limit on how many times an employee may receive the TOP award during their employment with the college.

TOP TIME: Eligible employees may use 24 hours of release time each year to participate in TOP activities during the regular workday, excluding credit classes. Credit classes must be taken on the employee's own time.


1. To sign up for a TOP class, log on to Lumens to register for classes (step by step instructions are at the top of this website).

2. A completed TOP expectation form, signed by your supervisor, must be received to ensure enrollment in desired TOP classes. You will not be cleared for classes until HR receives the TOP expectation form.  

3. After attending class, the employee will receive a certificate of completion from CCD, which is forwarded to the HR Dept. (A copy will be made for your individual TOP file.)

4. Employee is required to submit the TOP completion form to receive TOP credit for the class.

**If an employee finds they cannot attend a TOP class they have registered for, it is important to cancel or change the TOP class within one week of the class. After 2 missed classes (without extenuating circumstances), the TOP payment will be reduced to $200 instead of $250 for completing 24 hours of classes.

NOTE: Each training/education activity, that is to be used for the TOP award must be approved by the department Supervisor and Benefits Coordinator in writing. It will be the responsibility of the immediate supervisor and the administrator in the organizational chain to ensure that the technical aspects of the proposed training/education activity is directly related to the employee's current position and will result in improved performance. 

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