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SCF's Staff and Program Development is supported and encouraged as a means by which faculty can enhance and expand the professional, scholarly, and creative activities which are essential in maintaing SCF's leadership as an educational institution. The College has a long standing history of recognizing the need for growth and renewal thoughout the professional career of the faculty.   

The activities of the Staff and Program Development Committee are authorized by the State Board of Education Regulation 6A-14.029.  See SCF SPD Guidelines.


All SCF employees receiving benefits, other than those whose positions are funded exclusively by grants, are eligible to apply for SPD funds. Part-time employees not receiving benefits (at the request of coordinators or project managers) may participate in and benefit from funded in-service activities. Professional association conferences are limited to Faculty, Professional Support and Administrators.

Funding (activities)

Professional Development
Course Tuition/Textbook Reimbursement (maximum $1,000 per year). Available to Full-time faculty pursuing a formal program of study or individual courses at an accredited college or university that are applicable to the applicants current or college approved position.. 

Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Meetings (maximum $850, $500 for the FACC Annual Convention per year). Funding includes registration, transportation, per diem, and meeting material expenses. Must be applicable to job related skills or approved as beneficial to the college and not supplemented by other Fund 1 sources. 

In-Service Education Activities (all college planning, department, program, committee or in-service activities and/or workshops, seminars, state meetings, continuous training programs or development of staff training materials that support the College’s mission, strategic planning, values, and goals.

Program Development (based on available funding)
Curriculum Development (development of new, expansion or major revisions of existing courses and programs)

Institutional Development (Library, Educational Services, Business Office, Administration, Physical Plant, or improvements in other areas of the College) develop new or innovative procedures, capabilities or activities which relate directly to improving or facilitating the learning process, opportunities and/or environment.

Research (based on available funding)
Research is a systematic inquiry into a subject in order to discover or revise facts and test theories that will have a direct impact on the operation of the College. It may include investigations into academic fields, pedagogical studies, survey projects, field tests, improving institutional effectiveness, assessment, classroom management, and other projects that will directly benefit to the College.

Committee Charge and Membership

The Committee reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the President or President’s Designee regarding SPD proposals submitted by Faculty and Staff. Appointments are made for a period of two years with staggered terms to provide continuity. No appointee may serve more than two consecutive terms on the SPD Committee.

The SPD Committee shall consist of: eight (8) full-time employees of the College appointed by the President. Members include: one department chair, one administrator serving as permanent chair, one career or professional support employee, one faculty member and one administrator from the Bradenton Campus; and one career or professional support employee, one faculty member and one college administrator from and/or representing the Venice Campus.

The career or professional support employee from the Bradenton Campus shall be appointed from a group of five nominees from the Career and Professional Support Employees Council election. The faculty member from the Bradenton Campus shall be appointed from a group of five nominees from the Faculty Senate election.

The career or professional support employee from the Venice Campus shall be appointed from a group of three nominees from the Career and Professional Support Employees Council election. The faculty member from the Venice Campus shall be appointed from a group of three nominees from the Faculty Senate election.

Operating Guidelines 
The committee will only consider Annual SPD Proposals that are complete (with the appropriate signatures and attachments) and received by the SPD Chair by the deadline. New hire proposals may be submitted, following these guidelines, for approval by the SPD Committee Chair as deemed appropriate. If a multiple-year project is proposed, a new proposal must be submitted and approved for each fiscal year. No project may be funded beyond three years.

Action requires that a quorum (four members) and the Chair or his/her designee is present. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all meetings. Meetings will be called by the Chair, who is responsible for the management of the SPD Program. The Chair shall vote only in case of ties.

An SPD accountant who shall be designated by the Director of Finance, Business and Administrative Services shall provide the committee with all fiscal and budgeting information.

Criteria for funding
The SPD Committee shall use the following criterion in the order listed:
* completely and clearly filled out and submitted with the appropriate signatures;
* related to program, departmental, division, or college-wide goals and objectives;
* related to current year SPD priorities;
* educationally sound, measurable, and achievable;
* "new" or "innovative"; and
* considered based on the degree to which SPD funds are available.

Proposals may be approved completely, partially, or not at all. A list of the Committee's approved projects will be forwarded to the President or President’s Designee for his/her approval or denial. The Chair will return a copy of each proposal notifying the applicant of the Committee's action. The Chair will notify the applicant(s) of final committee action.

Procedure for Presenting a Proposal

SPD "forms" are located in the "S" drive.  Proposals must be submitted and approved prior to the beginning of any activity or expenditure of funds (including enrolling in courses). Applicants must also submit and estimated "Travel Authorization Form" (available from Departmental Secretaries) as soon as possible for signatures. Exceptions will be considered only upon the approval of the appropriate Vice President or President.

Although Faculty must apply for SPD funds prior to enrolling in a course. They must initially pay the tuition and purchase books. Reimbursement will be made only for courses for which the employee receives a grade of C or better or a certificate of successful completion. The SPD Committee Chair must be notified of any change in coursework and/or university.

A proposal request may list more than one conference, workshop, seminar or meeting as long as the proposal does not exceed $850 or exceed five working days. If multiple sites for a meeting are available, the activity held nearest the college should be attended. Travel that is required travel of an employee in the performance of his/her assigned duties shall not count toward his/her $850 limit. 

A proposal submitted by a standing committee or other official organizational unit of the College which cuts across campuses/division or department lines, must be submitted for approval to all of the appropriate supervisors whose employees are affected.

SPD #'s/ expenditures
The assigned SPD Cost Center number must be used on all travel authorization requests for funding. Once approved, all activities and expenditures must be consistent with the original proposal. Variations that are inconsistent with original proposal must be requested in writing and be approved by the SPD Committee prior to implementation.

Applicants will be reimbursed for per diem, travel and other relevant expenses in accordance with applicable State guidelines. See the "Travel Authorization Form" for gas mileage, food allowances etc.

All activities, expenditures and final reports shall be completed within the fiscal year of the College, i.e., July 1 to June 30. SPD funds may only be used to fund those portions of an approved proposal, which are not otherwise being funded by another College source.

Submitting SPD proposals to Department Chair or Supervisor
Faculty needs to submit their proposal to his/her immediate supervisor for approval. The proposal is then forwarded to the next level of supervision for approval until all signatures are obtained. It is then sent to the Chair of the SPD Committee to be included on the next SPD Committee meeting agenda. If a proposal is denied at any step in the signature process, it may be withdrawn or a request may be made to forward the proposal with the supervisor's reason for denial attached.

A proposal for In-Service Education should be submitted by a manager on behalf of his/her work unit. Eligible costs include consultants, travel, per diem, telephone, equipment/ facility rental, equipment purchase and materials. Receipts and requisitions must be submitted to the SPD Committee Chair for funding.

A proposal for Institutional Development can include institutional memberships, consultants, travel, per diem, materials, and rental or purchase of equipment. Copies of the completed project, products, receipts, shall be submitted to the SPD Committee Chair for funding.

Final Report

The faculty member, project manager or individual employee responsible for each approved proposal must complete the Final Report section of the "Travel Authorization Form" (includee original receipts).  The report should also describe how the proposed goals were met and what benefits have accrued to the College. The report will need to be submitted to the SPD Committee Chair before final payments can be made for any funding.

Application forms are located in the SPD folder on the "S" drive. 

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