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SCF shares with other colleges the responsibility of maintaining academic leadership and excellence through the scholarly, and creative activities of faculty members. The mission of our college is to investigate, expand, preserve, and share the knowledge that supports student learning and development. 

“The purpose of the Sabbatical Leave program at State College of Florida, Manatee – Sarasota (SCF) is to encourage and sponsor the continued professional growth of the SCF teaching faculty.” HR#2.30.02 Sabbatical Policy.

The State Board of Education Regulation 6H14-2.30 authorizes the activities of the Staff and Program Development Committee.


Application for an SCF Sabbatical Leave may be made by any teaching faculty who has completed at least two (2) years on continuing contract and who has not received a Sabbatical Leave with pay within the previous five (5) years.

 To allow for both long-range commitments and the consideration for new applications, Sabbatical, the granting of sabbatical must ultimately be determined by the needs and the resources of the college. No more than one (1) Sabbatical Leave per department may be taken during a semester. SCF considers Sabbatical leave a privilege rather than a right.

Types of eligible projects

The Sabbatical Selection Committee recommends leaves using fair, consistent, and objective determinations based on the following activities: 

* Continuing or pursuing a degree at an accredited institution. This includes course work and thesis/ dissertation
   activities such as writing and research;
* Updating professional skills through participating in training or in-service education programs;or pursuing non-degree
   related course work. Applicants must full explain how their time will ber spent in updating professional skills activities.
* Formal academic research, which would produce results worthy of publication that includes pedagogical studies and 
   research of an academic nature;
* Structured professional pursuits not involving formal academic course work including, but is not limited to, writing with 
   intent to publish, artistic endeavors, and technical projects; and
* Production of intellectual property derived from work produced as result of activites listed in the Sabbatical Leave shall be
  subject to the SCF Intellectual Property Rule #6HX14-5.182 and Procedure #5.182, or require prior negotiationed 
  agreement with the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. ersonal growth or self-enrichment activities with a demonstrable
  benefit to the college.

Applicant guidelines

Applicants must apply either one (1) or two (2) years in advance of the President’s approval date (January 15) of proposed Sabbatical Leave. Sabbatical leave will normally be for one (1) semester, except when deemed appropriate and witht he approval of the Vice-President of Academic Affairs prior to the deadline for submission to the Sabbatical Committee Chair.

 SCF’s “ Sabbatical Request Form”is required for all applications. See Sabbatical Policy. The time guidelines are stated on the form and must be followed. Attach a narrative (not to exceed two pages) to this form explaining the purpose of the leave including concise statement of objectives such as:
* the expected benefit to the college;
* the expected benefit to the individual;
* the recommendations and comments from the applicants supervisors
* the throughness, clarity, and professionalism of the proposal
* If applications are considered equal, years of service at SCF and time since last Sabbatical leave shall determine final

Provide specific documentation supporting the narrative (e.g., grant award, research affiliation acknowledgment, publisher's communication of interest, evidence that a specific formal program will be offered etc. Within three (3) months prior to taking Sabbatical Leave the applicant must submit evidence of acceptance into the program or course(s), if applicable. 

It is the responsibility of the applicant to consult with the appropriate SCF office to determine what effects the Sabbatical Leave will have on benefits and faculty commitments. Check the “HRS Sabbatical Leave checklist”  prior to your application. Sabbatical Policy

**Time spent on sabbatical does not count toward an individual’s eligibility requirements in the Professorial Ranking System.

Application/ Submission Schedule (revised for 2014)

January 27.....................Call for Proposals
February 11 ..................Submit application to Immediate Supervisor 
February 18th................The Executive Director of Human Resources must receive all applications no later than 4:00 p.m.
March 18th .....................Proposals submitted to the Vice President 
March 25 ........................Recommendations submitted to the President 
April 4th...........................President submits proposals to Director of Human Resources
April 11th.........................Executive director submits proposals to General Counsel's office
April 29th .......................Sabbatical Leave proposals submitted to Board of Trustees

Sabbatical Selection Committee

The Sabbatical Selection Committee shall consist of six (6) voting members with two (2) teaching faculty from each of the three (3) divisions. All committee members must be on continuing contract. Each division will elect one Committee member during annual committee selections. Representatives shall serve on the Committee in rotating terms of two (2) years each. No academic department shall have more than one (1) Committee member. The Executive Director of Human Resources will serve as a non-voting Chair. Committee members will be ineligible to apply for a Sabbatical Leave during their term of service.

Sabbatical Selection Committee Criteria
Each year the Sabbatical Selection Committee may recommend up to six  (6) Sabbatical Leaves: two (2) Sabbatical Leaves to be taken one (1) academic year in the future and four (4) Sabbatical Leaves to be taken two (2) academic years in the future. In addition, the Committee may recommend first and second alternative candidates for the second year.

Committee recommendations are based solely on the content of the Sabbatical Request Form and supporting documentation. Interviews with the applicants or the applicants' colleagues or supervisors are not permitted. All applications will be treated in a confidential manner and discussions of the applications,

The Committee shall use the following criteria, appropriately weighing each criterion in the order listed below.
* The benefit to the College
* The benefit to the individual
* The recommendations and comments from the applicant’s supervisors.
* The thoroughness, clarity, and professionalism of the proposal.
If applications are considered equal, years of service at SCF and time since last Sabbatical Leave shall determine final weight.

Operating guidelines
Two thirds (2/3) of the Committee four (4) voting members must be present to constitute a quorum. All decisions shall be made by majority vote and committee members may not abstain from voting. The Committee Chair ( The Executive Director of Human Resources) must be present. The Chair shall appoint a Committee member to take minutes of the proceedings, which will be retained, for future reference.

No interviews shall be conducted with the applicants or the applicants' colleagues or supervisors.

The Chair will maintain the “working copies” and provide duplicates of all applications to committee members. Each copy will be stamped “working copy” and shall contain the name of the Committee member who will be casting a vote. After the Committee takes final action the Chair will ensure that all "working copies" are destroyed. 

The Chair will maintain a log of Committee action, file the log of approved Sabbatical Leave requests and final reports in each of the campus libraries, and forward the Sabbatical Selection Committee’s final recommendations of all applications to the appropriate Vice President no later than November 30th. Additionally, the Chair will ensure that recommendations are made and forwarded to the College President and Vice Presidents for presentation to the Board of Trustees no later than the scheduled February meeting.

The President or his/her designee shall notify successful candidates. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the reasons for denial.

These guidelines shall be under continual review of the Sabbatical Selection Committee.

Final Report

Within four (4) weeks of returning to regular contract status after completing a Sabbatical Leave, the recipient shall provide the Committee with a comprehensive written report with any relevant documentation describing how the goals of the Sabbatical Leave were met. The report shall become a part of the file of approved leaves maintained in the libraries. Failure to provide a written report may result in the recipient repaying the leave monies, including salary and benefits, to the College.

The Committee shall review and evaluate the report in an effort to determine the extent to which recipient made a serious effort to fulfill the goals of the Sabbatical Leave as described in the application. Recipients are expected to demonstrate seriousness of purpose and effort. If, in the judgment of the Committee, this standard is not satisfied, the Committee shall recommend that the recipient be required to repay the leave monies, including salary and benefits, to the College.

Recipients of Sabbatical Leaves shall agree to return to the College immediately upon completion of the sabbatical leave and serve for a period of one (1) year from the date of the completion for a one semester Sabbatical Leave and two (2) years from the date of the completion of a two (2) semester Sabbatical Leave. Completion of the one-year or two-year period shall completely repay the Sabbatical.







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