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The Constitution of the State College of Florida Faculty Senate

I. Purpose
It is essential that an organization representing the faculty be established to assure that the knowledge, skills, and intellectual development of the students and the faculty continue to be the College's highest priority, to maintain professional scholarship and academic excellence, to guarantee that State College of Florida (hereafter referred to as “SCF”) is and continues to be an outstanding educational institution, to facilitate communications among faculty members and between the faculty and the administration, and to enable the faculty to participate effectively in the operation and administration of the college. An SCF Faculty Senate (hereafter referred to as the "Senate") is hereby established. The overall purpose of the Senate shall be to act as the collective voice of the faculty in its participation in the operations of the college.              

II. Authority
The Senate shall represent the faculty in its transactions, mediations, and negotiations with the College officials (hereafter referred to as "Administrators"). The Executive Committee of the Senate shall function as the representatives of the faculty. The President of the Senate and/or the Executive Committee may delegate authority to act on his/her/its behalf to handle affairs of the Senate.               

III. Membership
Membership in the Faculty Senate shall include all contractual fulltime (15 LH) teaching faculty. While adjuncts, lab assistants,  instructional assistants and educational support staff shall not be senate members, the Senate shall serve as their advocate when necessary or appropriate and are welcome to attend any senate meetings.              

IV. Executive Committee Members
The Executive Committee members shall include the President, Immediate Past President, two faculty representatives from the Division of Arts/Letters and Social/Behavioral Sciences (one from Bradenton, and one from Lakewood Ranch/Venice), two faculty representatives from the Division of Math, Science, Technology and Business (one from Bradenton, and one from Lakewood Ranch/Venice), two faculty representatives from the Department of Nursing and Health Professions (one from Nursing, one from non-nursing health professions).        

The President, elected by the Senate, shall hold meetings of the Senate.  The president shall receive one 3 ILH reassigned time each for the Fall and Spring semesters, or the president can choose a stipend of $2000 per year in place of the reassigned time. The President shall appoint a designee from within the Executive Committee to serve as Acting President during the absence of the President.               

A member of the Senate Executive Committee shall serve on the Vice President of Academic Affairs Executive Team (VPAAXT), Strategic Planning, Planning and Budgeting, and Bookstore Advisory Committees.

The Executive Committee shall be elected by secret ballot. The nomination and election process shall be administered by the Elections Officer.                

If an elected officer cannot complete the term for which he/she was elected, the Elections Officer shall initiate procedures to fill the vacancy through the stated election process.             

V. Executive Committee Duties
With the consent of the three-fifths of the Executive Committee, the President of the Senate may act for the entire Senate in emergencies when calling a special Senate meeting is not  feasible. The Senate membership shall be informed of such action as soon as possible thereafter.              

The Executive Committee shall convene prior to any regularly scheduled or specially called meetings, and at other times that the President deems necessary. The Faculty Senate President / Executive Committee shall meet with the chief administrative officers of the  college no fewer than two times a semester (alternating between campuses when possible).              

VI. Meetings
There shall be at least one regularly scheduled meeting of the Faculty Senate on each campus during each of the two regular semesters, and other meetings that the President of the Senate may deem necessary.              

Meetings of the Senate shall in no way be deemed to replace Faculty meetings called by Administrators. The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be used as a resource in the conduct of all Faculty Senate meetings.              

VII. Elections
Elections for all elected positions including, but not limited to, Senate officers, shall take place in March of each year.               

A list of elected officers and other elected positions shall be prepared and maintained by the Elections Officer to facilitate planning. This updated list shall be provided to the newly elected Senate Executive Committee members, the college president and vice-president of academic affairs as well as their respective secretaries and shall be posted on the faculty senate webpage within three weeks of the close of elections.  Elected faculty senate executive committee members assume their term of office at the close of the spring semester.  Other elected committee members begin their term of office at the beginning of the fall term.

VIII. Committees
In order to accomplish the statements in the "Purpose" section of this document, and to assist in conduct of Senate business and operations, Sub-Committees and Ad Hoc Committees may be appointed by the Senate President as required. Because it is important to the institution for the faculty to have a strong role in the governance of the college, faculty members will be elected by the Senate to serve as members of the following college committees:               

Admissions Committee, Associate Degree Conflict Resolution Pool, Curriculum Development and Review Committee, Developmental Education Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Diversity/Multi-cultural Awareness Committee, Faculty Professional Development Team, Honors Committee, Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, Loss Prevention Committee, Performance Evaluation Appeals Pool, Faculty Planning and Budget Committee, Performance Evaluation Appeals- faculty, Promotion Committee for Professorial Ranking System, Publications Committee, Sabbatical Selection Committee, Staff and Program Development Committee, Student Activities Budget Review Committee,  Student Engagement Committee,  Third Attempt Fee Waiver Committee, and Volunteer Services Committee..

IX. Review
It shall be the responsibility of the President of the Faculty Senate to appoint a committee to review this Constitution as necessary. The composition of this review committee shall be at the discretion of the President. Results of the review shall be reported to the Senate for consideration.              

Revised:  2/2012; 10/2015; 2/2016



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