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FACC Membership

Why Join FACC?

The Florida Association of Community Colleges offers you a partnership to promote and educate, influence and impact, and above all, to maintain an effective voice in Tallahassee.


How FACC Works For You

FACC leadership and lobbyists monitor all legislation to determine its impact on the Florida College system and its employees and then provide information to legislators so they can make informed decisions. Our legislative program encourages participation in the political process through a team approach. FACC has become a force in Florida. Your support makes us stronger and more effective.


The Benefits of Belonging

Advocacy - a full-time staff representing your (Florida College System) interests in Tallahassee.
Recognition - exemplary practice programs, awards, and honors.
Information - publications, Web sites, and e-mail updates keep you informed.
Professional Development - workshops, seminars and an annual convention geared towards your interests.
Networking - sharing ideas, making contacts, and building partnerships with peers across the state.
Benefits and Services - discount programs "for members only."
Fellowship - camaraderie and friendships that last a lifetime.
For More Information: www.facc.org



Membership Form                          

Click here for an FACC Membership Application.
Note: Your SSN is NOT required. Please print out, complete and send via campus mail to Dory Lock, FACC Membership Chair, SCF Bradenton. Questions? Call her at 941-752-5387 or e-mail, lockdc@scf.edu.


Note from Past President of SCF's FACC Chapter

Why join FACC? That's easy! You should join FACC because FACC is the only organization whose purpose is to represent ALL community college employees. FACC "fights" for the Florida Community College System. In tough fiscal times, we need a strong voice in Tallahassee.


Joining FACC increases our membership which creates a larger and therefore stronger organization. A larger and stronger organization also allows us to provide better professional development activities, increased leadership opportunities, and greater networking possibilities.

"Why wouldn't I want to join FACC?" That is a question I don't have the answer for.


                                                                                            -- Mike Mears

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