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Workplace Spanish

We have no courses for the current term.

Below are classes we have offered in the past but are not offered for the current term. If you are interested in taking one of these classes in the future, please fill out our FlexStart Form.

English for the Spanish Speaking 

Attention Spanish speaking individuals, develop your own plan to improve your English. Avoid common mistakes that people make when speaking English. Learn ways to make your self understood in toady's workplace.

Survival Spanish for Construction Workers

The class is designed for managers, supervisors and coworkers of Spanish speaking workers in the construction industry. Improve communications and efficiency through
this class.

The Art of Supervising Hispanic Workers

This course is designed to be presented to your middle management and upper management to help them better understand the culture of the Hispanic workforce.  Motivating Hispanic personnel means understanding their cultural traditions, and honoring them in workplace practices.  Doing this generates peak productivity. This knowledge will help you to ensure effective communications to maximize the output of your Hispanic workers.

Workplace Spanish
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