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We have no courses for the current term.

Below are classes we have offered in the past but are not offered for the current term. If you are interested in taking one of these classes in the future, please fill out our FlexStart Form.

Adult Training Strategies

This course is recommended for anyone who gives instruction to or trains coworkers or employees. Adults learn differently than children and may require an overview of the final outcome in order to perform at their best. Trainers will learn the strategies to successfully train adults in their organization in a meaningful and productive manner.

Grant Writing

Sure, you know the fundamentals of writing a grant.  You can plan a budget.  Wouldn't you like to learn some tips of the trade to "tweak" those grants into winners every time?  Learn strategies for giving them what they're looking for and fine-tuning your grants for each situation.

Beating Procrastination

Are you being outdone by your "to-do" list? Learn 21 Practical steps to manage your time and get control of your day. Based on the Brian Tracy book, Eat That Frog, you'll discover how to prioritize and make the most of your day.

Business Ethics

All businesses are concerned with ethics in the workplace.  This seminar teaches the fundamentals of defining ethics in an organization, how to enforce ethics and the legal concerns around the issue of ethics.

Critical Thinking

Participants learn basic foundational skills for identifying and processing information while learning to distinguish what they know from what they suspect to be true.  Participants learn to access information, make informed decisions, solve problems, draw effective conclusions and think creatively

Curing Dysfunctional Teams

Often work teams are formed and exist for a specific purpose.  Sometimes teams continue beyond their usefulness, are composed of the wrong team members or just meet so long they cease to be an asset to the organization.  Sometimes teams need to continue with a new vision and directions.  Regardless of the situation, teams can be cured, healed and sent off to continue their efforts in a more positive direction.  Learn the skills and techniques necessary for this redirection of teams.

E-Business:  We are all in it!

Successfully running an e-business requires more than a computer. This high- energy motivational session focuses on the human elements of success. This is not a computer-based course.

Essentials of Negotiations

In this seminar, you will learn by exploring the major theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, as well as the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict resolution.  Learn little known secrets for reaching win-win conclusions in the negotiation process and gain a complete understanding of the fundamentals of effective negotiation skills.

Fair, Square & Legal

Do you know what to do to protect your business, your employees, and yourself from legal liability?  Can you defend your action--or those of your employees--if you do end up in court?  This course is a manger's guide to safe hiring, managing, and firing practices.

Flight of the Buffalo

Leaders make it possible for others to follow by thinking strategically and focusing on the right directions, removing obstacles, developing ownership and taking self-directed action. Based upon the book, Flight of the Buffalo, this course teaches leadership techniques for the 21st century.

Four Agreements

Discover how four fundamental ideas, taken from ancient Toltec wisdom, can change your life and work dramatically for the better.  See how to simplify your life and get out of everyday snares merely by understanding and practicing these laws:

Be impeccable with your word Don't take anything personally
Don't make assumptions Always do your best
Generations at Work

What's the big deal?  People of all ages have always been side by side in the workplace.  Now, more than ever, generational conflict exists in the workplace as the generation gaps widen.  Veterans (b. 1922-1943), Boomers (b. 1943-1960), GenXers (b.1960-1980), and Nexters (b. 1980-2000) are all converging in today's work environment.  Learn how the differences between generations define and impact people's lives.  You'll have the opportunity to understand some of the reasons why people do what they do, how this causes discord in the workplace and what to do about it.  Help your workforce understand and communicate effectively and compassionately to turn your organization into a motivated, productive and happy team.

Getting Results Without Authority

Many times jobs require us to work with people in our organization and we have no authority over their performance.  This can be stressful for all concerned.  The unique individual who can get others to perform without authority knows the secrets.  This seminar shares those secrets and how to best negotiate in those situations.

Grant Administration

Congratulations! You won a grant! Now what? Even if your organization has no formal grant office, you can set up a successful grant administration. Follow a list of tips and tactics for operating effectively within grant guidelines. Learn how to make grants and grant funds a regular part of your organization.

Grant Writing

Beginning grant writers are welcome. Understand grant applications and learn how to navigate your way through them. Learn the basics of grant writing, including how to develop objectives, complete timelines, handle budgets and juggle other activities crucial to writing a successful grant.

I Am Not Crazy, I Am Just Not You

Many people experience difficulty in the workplace not because of their skill set, but their ability to interact with others. Sometimes, the people who are making the workplace difficult for you need to understand why you are different than them. This seminar will explore the communication that needs to occur between/among co-workers and others when people need to explain why they act in different ways that their co-workers.

I Am Okay, I Am Just Different

Accepting one's place in the world, and especially at work, can be a difficult journey.  Learn to communicate your differences to those around you.  Learn to express yourself in ways that are clear to others who may be different than you. The ability to embrace one's differences and to communicate your differences and needs to others can lead to a happier existence at work and beyond.

Leading Hispanic Employees

As Hispanics are the fast-growing community in the United States, it is important to understand language and cultural diffences and their impact on the workplace. Managers will learn how to overcome cultural barriers and learn meaningful and respectful strategies that help them work effectively with Hispanic employees.

Office Management - Tips and Strategies

Today's office manager needs to be an "office engineer" who smoothly coordinates, guides and constantly adjusts the flow of a productive office. Learn how to evaluate and assess your workplace; mesh traditional office skills with high-tech demands; and create and maintain a pleasant environment for peak productivity and satisfaction.

One Minute Manager

Working smarter, not longer, is the premise of this seminar.  Based upon the book, One Minute Manager, by Ken Blanchard, techniques taught in this class can be applied immediately to reduce the workday and increase productivity.

Parliamentary Procedure

Do you feel comfortable at meetings?  Do you know how to make motions and preside?  In this class, you will practice "close debate," "refer to committee" and other motions to facilitate productive meetings.  Understand the proper order of business, learn about methods of voting and appreciate the philosophy behind orderly sessions.  This course in parliamentary procedure is a lively guide to intelligent participation in decision-making in your organization.

Pathways to Mid-management

Are you ready to move up the ladder?  Learn the leadership principles that will help you advance your career.  Acquire skills to build effective relationships and be able to inspire others to achieve a high level of performance and productivity.  Stand out in the crowd and start your easy climb to the top.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisals are a necessary function of management. Learn how to write them positively and effectively, and use them as a tool for employee development.

Selling Techniques

There's money to be made if you're able to make the sale!  You can tap into a successful sales career just by learning a few basic sales principles.  Find out how to prospect, build relationships with potential and return customers, and manage your territory.  You'll have an opportunity to practice and improve your technique.  If you can sell, you'll do well!

Selling Your House on the International Market

Having a difficult time selling your Florida Home? Think outside the borders. Learn how to market your property for sale on the international market in this helpful seminar. Leverage the week U.S. dollar to help sell your property faster.

Situational Leadership

Learn key leadership skills that enable appropriate and effective responses to diverse situations. Develop an adaptable leadership style and see the results in better employee morale and increased productivity.

Stress Management

"I'm SO stressed out!"  Don't let stress ruin your life.  You can learn how stress works and take a systematic approach to solving your problems.  Discover how to come to terms with your feelings, develop effective behavior and buffer the effects of stress.  Now is the time to plan and execute a successful lifestyle change.

Success Stories From the Trenches by Successful Entrepreneurs

In Manatee and Sarasota counties, several successful entrepreneurs have done well.  This class will include local success stories, experiences and knowledge of business planning and organizational structure and will offer hints about how to pursue a career as a business owner.  Failures and pitfalls that the student may encounter along the way and how problems can be overcome will be discussed.  Participants should leave the series of lectures with basic information about how to succeed in self-employment.

Successful Habits of Winners

Each of us has a desire to win.  Whether in business or in social settings, there are specific habits that have proven successful for those who are deemed a "winner."  Learn not only the successful habits of winners, but how to implement them in your daily life.


Can the "Age of Terrorism" be turned around?  This course traces the phenomenon of "terrorism," including the political history of the Mideast from ancient times through the development of Islam to the fanatical influence of "Wahhabism," Al Qaeda and the "suicide" bombers, and the threat to our nation and the world.  Instructor is a former FBI agent.

The Art of Supervising Hispanic Workers

This course is designed to be presented to your middle management and upper management to help them better understand the culture of the Hispanic workforce.  Motivating Hispanic personnel means understanding their cultural traditions, and honoring them in workplace practices.  Doing this generates peak productivity. This knowledge will help you to ensure effective communications to maximize the output of your Hispanic workers.

The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

How to get things done in your "workshop"...all year long.  This is the perfect class for leaders at all levels to help them accomplish "big things."  Insight and sense of humor offer common sense recommendations that can facilitate the development of improved leadership skills.

The Power of Vision

"If you can see it, you can achieve it."  Whether earning $1 million dollars, losing 50 pounds, or having a better personal relationship, a vision is necessary.  The old adage, "If you don't know where you're going, you won't know if you got there"  is true.  Lack of vision in any situation leads to chaos and confusion for leaders and followers.  Learn to create a clear vision to build a pathway to success.

Time Management/Eat That Frog

Are you being outdone by your to-do list? Now you can learn 21 practical steps to manage your time and get control of your day. Discover how to stop procrastinating and get more done. Learn how to tackle the most challenging tasks as you work through Brian Tracy's book, Eat That Frog, and prioritize so that the most important things get done during your day.
You can't afford to put this off any longer.

Whale Done!

Too much negative energy in your workplace?  The same techniques animal trainers use with killer whales can be used with people to accentuate the positive and redirect the negative.  Learn to increase productivity and eliminate demoralizing situations.  Based on the book by Ken Blanchard, Thad Lacinak, Chuck Tomkins and Kim Ballard.

Who Moved My Cheese?

The simple truth is, most of us don't like change. In this little book, Who Moved My Cheese?, cheese is the metaphor for what you want in life. The maze is where you look for it, whether it involves your workplace, your family or your community. This profound parable will help you understand and deal with change, giving you back control. Discover how to embrace change and successfully, joyfully move ahead with your life.

Work Ethic Tools

The class will provide an overview of tools available to instill work ethics into an existing workforce, provide training for new employees on expected workplace work ethics, and provide employers a means to determine a code of ethics for their specific workplace.

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