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Drug Alcohol Traffic Education (D.A.T.E) / First Time Driver

To register or for more information: 

Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch: (941) 752-5286   

Sarasota: (941) 362-4224    Venice: (941) 408-1521


Effective January 1990, the Florida Legislature passed F.S. 322.095. This statue requires all first-time applicants for a Florida drivers license to attend a substance abuse and traffic safety course. Individual who have attended a Florida Department of Education- approved drivers license education course or who have a valid license in another state are not required to complete the course.

The D.A.T.E. Course is offered by the DUI programs under the regulation of the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This four hour curriculum focuses on traffic safety, Florida laws and on critical substance abuse information. The goal of the course is to provide drivers with the information necessary to avoid injury or untimely death and to prevent the hardship and embarrassment resulting from a DUI arrest.

Registrations: Call or stop by any office location 

Bradenton: 752-5286    Sarasota: 362-4224    Venice: 408-1520

Now you have a choice. Register today for the online version of the D.A.T.E. course and get the same course material you would get sitting in a classroom for 4 hours. Plus, you get to break up the course content however you want!

Online D.A.T.E. class:

Click here to Take the class online now! ONLY $26.00! Is your schedule getting too full? With sports practices, club meetings and rehearsals on top of your homework, it can be tough to fit in the Drug, Alcohol, Traffic Education (D.A.T.E.) course.

This is the premier online class covering the traffic law and substance abuse education course content. This course satisfies Florida's traffic law and substance abuse education course requirements for first-time license applicants. The online course requires a total of four hours of course time.  At the end of four hours a 40 question multiple choice test must be passed to complete the course and receive a certificate necessary for obtaining a drivers license.  Students must answer 32 of the 40 questions correctly to pass the exam. Interested in taking the  Drug, Alcohol, Traffic Education (D.A.T.E.) / First Time License course today?

Click here to Take the class online now! ONLY $26.00!


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