Corporate and Community Development


In order to receive your paycheck:

  • All SCF paperwork, including signed contract, sexual harassment and FERPA training, direct deposit forms must be completed and turned in.
  • All class-related paperwork, including rosters, evaluation forms, and attendance forms, must be turned in for contract to be processed. You will not be paid until all class-related information has been turned in to the office.

It is recommended that you make a copy of each contract so you can reference the class title/class ID if any questions should arise.

Payment Period

You will be paid approximately 45 days after the end of the class. College pays staff every two weeks.

If you do not receive payment for a class within 45 days, please contact your director. Do not call the business office as they will refer your class to your Director, thus delaying response time for you.

The college no longer sends out a paper receipt; payment verification is done via email so please be sure to notify your Director if your email changes.

For questions, please contact your director.


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