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Paralegal/Legal Assistant

PLA 2950 Certified Paralegal Examination Review (3) (A.S.) - $310.00

This course, taught by a Certified Paralegal, is designed to bring students up to date on all phases of knowledge required to take the NALA Certified Paralegal/Legal Assistant Examination.  Emphasis is on all current areas tested.  The course is upgraded regularly and taught to prepare students for the CP/CLA exam.  The course is open to all persons needing preparation in this field and to those interested in getting a general overview knowledge of the various disciplines in law. Mock exams will prepare students for taking the online certification exam.

  • Fall 2014 (CRN 10941) - Fully Web-Based
    Faculty: Joyce Mintzer
    Class begins Oct 13th, 2014 and runs through until December 11, 2014

Required Textbook Information:

NALA CP Review Manual Fourth Edition (October 2013) by Virginia Koerselman.

However, if you can obtain the Third Edition at a lower price, please do so. It is as follows:
NALA CP Review Manual Third Edition (October 2010) by Virginia Koerselman;
ISBN # 13:978-1-4180-3197-8, 2011, paperback, 999 pages, 7-5/16" x 10"

This course is 8-weeks long and fully on-line.

 For further information, contact or 941-752-5359
To register, call Roresu Chandler at 941-752-5669
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