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Digital Photography
iPad Basic and Beyond
Grab your digital camera and learn creative and fun ways to take pictures! Share your work with others and become more familiar with your camera and the features it has to offer. Practice your skills on your own and then review with the instructor during class time.  Have you purchased a new iPad, but you don't know all that it will do?  Do you know that you can use the internet, play games, take pictures and much more.  Come to the class and see what the iPad can do for you!
Excel 2013 - Level 1
iPhone/Smart Phone 101
An introduction of Microsoft's latest spreadsheet program. Students will learn how to use the Microsoft user interface (ribbons and controls groups). This course will cover: Creating an Excel Workbook; Working with Data; Entering Simple Formulas; Editing Data and Cells; Formatting a Worksheet; Page Setup and Printing; Modifying Workbooks; and more. Have you purchased a new iPhone or Smart Phone and can't even turn it on?  Join us to learn how to use your iPhone or Smart Phone functions and how to add apps that you will use often.
 Excel 2013 - Level 2
Excel 2013 - Level 3
Absolute Beginner Computer
Word 2013
This hands-on 6-hour course is for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of computers and working within a Windows environment. Learn how to navigate the many features of Windows 7 and acquire basic, intermediate, and advanced skills. Course content includes tools and options available for personal computing, how to create and manage files and folders, and multiple applications within Windows. In addition, you will work with Internet Explorer, learn customization techniques, and how to enhance system performance. If you’re a user with emerging skills and familiarity with computers and Windows environments and you want to take your skills to the next level and beyond, this class is for you! An introduction to the basic features of Microsoft's word processing program. Learn how to use the new Microsoft user interface (ribbons and control groups) along with the basic features of Word including: Creating and Saving Documents; Entering and Editing Text; Formatting Text; Using Find and Replace; Checking Spelling and Grammar; Inserting Symbols; Setting Tabs; Using Bulleted and Numbered Lists; Working with Paragraphs; Printing a Document; and more.  Requirements:  Basic Windows computer skills with experience with file saving, and using a keyboard and mouse.
 PowerPoint 2013
QuickBooks 2014 

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