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Aligned with our Institutional value for sustainability, SCF participates in numerous waste reduction efforts.  Our recycling program is comprised of two parts;  consumer and commercial recycling.  

Consumer Recycling

SCF began using single stream recycling in 2012 for recyclable consumer waste.    Single stream recycling is a method of recycling that simplifies the process for consumers by allowing commingling of all recyclable material into a single receptacle.  This method of recycling has shown to significantly increase consumer participation, resulting in an increased amount of recycled material.  SCF continues to  expanded single stream receptacles into common areas, classrooms and offices.  All recycling receptacles on campus are part of the single stream program.   Below is a list of what is permitted in  in the single stream receptacles. 

For more information on the process of single stream recycling visit Waste Management's Recycling Page.

Not Recyclable
White Paper
Food Waste
Colored Paper (Including Glossy)
Folders / Envelopes
Telephone Books
Aluminum Cans / Steel Cans 
Glass (Clear,Brown, Green)
Food Contaminated Containers 
(e.g. used pizza boxes)
Plastics Bottles (#1-7)
Plastic Containers (#1-7)
 Dairy and Juice Cartons
Commercial Recycling  

SCF recycles many waste streams that are generated from the daily operations including materials such as scrap metal, light bulbs, electronic waste (e-waste such as computer equipment and almost anything with an electrical plug),  and batteries.  All of these materials are repurposed or recycled which helps to save natural resources reduce impact on local landfills.    

For more information on our recycling efforts contact Facilities Management at 941-752-5216 or

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