MCC Reorganizes to Manage Growth

(Bradenton, Fla. January 13, 2009) - Citing rapid enrollment growth and proposed four-year degree programs, Manatee Community College (MCC) President Dr. Lars A. Hafner has announced sweeping organizational changes. 

Hafner said, "We need to act now to ensure that MCC will reach the high points as a multifaceted, mature and highly developed institution with the appropriate infrastructure in place."

Early enrollment figures indicate a likely double-digit increase over spring 2008 for a new all-time spring term high of between 10,000 and 11,000 students. If the pace continues, an estimated 15,000 students could be enrolled at MCC in three to five years. The seven- to 10 year-perspective is even more dramatic, pointing to a strong possibility for MCC to increase by the same numbers in a single decade that it took the first 50 years to achieve.

Suggestions from academic and administrative leaders contributed to the rationale for the organizational changes. The reorganization allows for 13 replacement and new full-time faculty positions selected by academic leaders. 

"Strengthening the full-time faculty is necessary to meet enrollment growth and sustain quality," Hafner said, adding, "New positions are possible due to savings realized by reassignments, productivity measures and skilled people taking on additional responsibilities."

Many administrative changes are in title only and more accurately reflect jobs that individuals are doing or will bring MCC personnel into parity with other colleges. The reorganization actually represents a net decrease in administrative positions due to past and concurrent reductions in administrative posts, Hafner noted.       

The first phase of reorganization includes following changes, some of which are effective immediately and others that will be phased in during coming months: 

A provost at each campus will have responsibility and authority to implement both academic and administrative campus-based decisions. Provosts are: Mike Mears, MCC Bradenton; Darlene Wedler-Johnson, MCC Venice; Bonnie Hesselberg, MCC Lakewood Ranch.

Mears also will serve in the newly created position of vice president of baccalaureate programs to direct the college's four-year degree initiative.

Six administrators will have the title of associate vice president: MariLynn Lewy, student services; Helen Meyer, student development; Karen Kester, finance; Traci Steen, facilities and planning; Brad Davis, program evaluation and compliance; Daisy Vulovich, corporate and community development.

The MCC Venice campus executive officer (CEO), Ann Roggero, has accepted a position with the Foundation for MCC as director of development for MCC Venice. 

The career and technical education program staff and director, Idelia Phillips, will relocate to MCC Lakewood Ranch to coordinate credit and noncredit workforce programs in one place.

Donald Bowman, vice president, student development and enrollment services, will assume responsibility for the Academic Resource Center, and Carol Probstfeld, vice president, business and administrative services, will be more involved in governmental relations and strategic planning.

New full-time positions of adjunct faculty coordinator and volunteer coordinator will be filled by Mary DiTaranto and Judy Wishart, respectively.  

In the area of nursing, a 12-month program chair for nursing will be advertised, and a consultant will be brought in to help develop the four-year bachelor of science in nursing program.

Hafner said more changes can be expected in coming weeks and months as the College continues to examine ways that MCC can be more productive and effective while meeting coming budget constraints.

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