Theatre Honorary Fraternity Presents Awards

(Bradenton, Fla., July 7, 2008) -- The Manatee Community College (MCC) chapter of Delta Psi Omega, the national theatre honorary fraternity for community colleges, held its 42nd Annual Awards Banquet April 29 at MCC Bradenton.  Kenneth Erickson Jr., director of the theatre program, and Dean Anthony, lecturer, fine and performing arts, presented 11 awards for acting and technical achievement in the past season. James Thaggard, box office manager, inducted seven students into the fraternity.

Retired faculty members John W. James and M. Bernice Pepke awarded cash scholarships to Joshua Fishbein. He also was named Outstanding Supporting Actor for "Spinning Into Butter," Outstanding Character Actor for "The Dining Room," and the recipient of an Outstanding Technical Achievement award.

Kyle Biss was named Outstanding Leading Actor for "The Good Doctor." For their roles in "Spinning Into Butter," Kira Borrowdale was Outstanding Leading Actress and Melanie Strunk was Outstanding Supporting Actress.

Mariana Rocha was named Outstanding Character Actress for "The Dining Room" and Outstanding Cameo Actress for "The Good Doctor." Nicholas DeLisi was the Outstanding Cameo Actor for the "The Good Doctor." Other award-winners were Jennifer Warbler, Outstanding Technical Achievement, and Katelyn Studer, Most Promising Newcomer.

Biss, DeLisi, Rocha, Studer, Jenna Gagliano, Brian Jackson and Megan Kroger were inducted into Delta Psi Omega.

Also attending the ceremony were Dr. John Rosen, vice president of academic affairs; Darlene Wedler-Johnson, dean, arts and letters & social and behavioral sciences; Dr. Charles Turon, chair, fine and performing arts; Ted Camp, professor, art; and Craig Smith, instructional assistant, fine and performing arts.

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