The MCC Critical Incident Management Team is monitoring Hurricane Wilma as it approaches Florida. As of midday Thursday, Oct. 20, the storm's speed has slowed considerably and it is not an immediate threat to our area. All college activities and classes will proceed as scheduled through Friday, Oct. 21.

The College team is actively monitoring the storm and participating in Emergency Operations Center meetings of our counties, and we are convening as necessary to evaluate updated data about the storm's expected path and arrival time. By noon  Friday, Oct. 21, an announcement will be made about President Pappas' decision for MCC operations scheduled for the weekend and Monday.

When a decision is made, announcements will be made on local TV, radio, online news sites and in newspapersUpdates will be posted on MCC's Web site and main phone lines. Every attempt will be made to keep information current and accurate through these outlets. However, employees and students are reminded that communications are dependent on technology and infrastructure that might be interrupted during a storm, and human error and confusion may occur in a busy newsroomPlease make every attempt to avail yourselves of all avenues of communications that are operable, do not listen to rumors, and stay safe.

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