Virus Protection

Millions of viruses are currently circulating the Internet via e-mails, malicious websites and instant messaging. New ones are being released every day and infecting unsuspecting users who open e-mails that they thought were from a friend or visiting a website that required them to install something that said it would protect them.

The Information Technology Team recommends using one or more of the following to help ensure your computer is free of viruses and other malware:

Windows AV Products

Lightweight AV (can run alongside other AV products)

Mac Users: there are free virus scanners available as well 

  • Avast for Mac : This can be downloaded here
  • ClamXAV : This can be downloaded here
  • Sophos AV For Mac : This can be downloaded here 


Although the majority of viruses currently plague Microsoft operating systems, Macintosh and Linux users should be aware that there are viruses that do target their systems. Macintosh and Linux systems can also contain Windows viruses that may not directly affect but can be transmitted to unsuspecting Windows hosts through file transfers over FTP, HTTP, instant messaging and file shares. We recommend that antivirus be installed on all operating systems. For Linux users, a free antivirus software, ClamAV, can be downloaded from


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