Desktop Safety

Protecting your computer at the personal level is important for ensuring that no one can obtain access to the information stored on your computer or cause you to lose your network access.

You can protect yourself and your information in the following ways:

  • Ensure that no one can see information on your computer that could help them hack into it. Position your computer so that others cannot see what keys you press on the keyboard. If you are not facing those who enter your workspace, place a small mirror on your monitor so that you know if someone is standing behind you.
  • Log off your computer whenever you are away from your desk
  • Log out of your email application, SCFconnect and the Banner system when you are finished using those applications.

To request assistance, please contact the Help Desk at x65357 or 941-752-5357.

For more information:

Apple Support: Accounts, Passwords and Security:

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