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Cyber security is everyone's responsibility. It is important to understand the many threats that exist electronically and take reasonable steps to protect against them. These Web pages give you information on various types of cyber security issues and how to protect yourself and the College.

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US, UK to start cyber war games
US and UK Intelligence agencies will collaborate on a simulated cyber attack against financial sector companies. The countries will also establish a joint cyber cell that will include FBI and NSA staff and their UK counterparts.

US 'tapped N Korea computers in 2010' report claims
According to reports in The New York Times and Der Spiegel, US officials' confidence in blaming North Korea for the attacks against Sony Pictures' networks is due to the fact that the NSA infiltrated North Korean computers in November 2010.

Australia fighter jet data theft 'shows cyber-spy risk'
The BBC reports that Chine stole 50 terabytes of data regarding the US military's F-35 fighter jet. The information about the theft was in leaked NSA documents. The theft was originally reported in 2009. China has denied the allegations.

Proposed U.S. Cyber-Security Legislation Worries Researchers
Proposed changes to the US Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act could make the law more open to interpretation and could potentially criminalize certain research activity. For example, the changes could criminalize accessing a public document without the approval of the owner.

Verizon sprints to crush FiOS account exposure hole
Verizon has fixed a security flaw in its My FiOS mobile application that exposed inboxes and private messages of as many as five million user accounts. The data could be viewed by manipulating user ID numbers in web requests.



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