SCF Wellness Programs

WOW Program
SCF’s Work on Wellness (WOW) is a simple program that provides an opportunity to develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle for you and your family.  Opportunities to a variety of programs that emphasize healthy living for everyone are all part of the WOW program.  Support, motivation, education and medical information can help employees make lifestyle changes to maintain optimum health.



Tobacco Free
In recognition of the harmful effects of second-hand smoke, SCF will assert itself as a community leader to assure clean air and a healthy environment for all students, employees, and visitors. SCF is joining more than 250 other colleges and universities across the nation banning tobacco products on campus.

The State College of Florida has prohibited the use of all tobacco products on all campuses, at all institution-sponsored off-campus events, and in all college-owned vehicles, as well vehicles on campus.

Students and employees both are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Smoking Cessation Classes.


SCF Walking Wednesdays

SCF Walking Program
State College of Florida staff and students are invited to join with others across the country to participate in the American Heart Association initiative to get people to move more while at work, and to become active and heart healthy. Group walks occur on Walking Wednesdays and begin at a designated time and place at each campus.



In an effort to inspire and offer continual motivation for our employees, SCF subscribes to MOVE IT. LOSE IT. LIVE HEALTHY.  This grants us access to tools such as the Motivational Minutes, a collection of informative, bite-size snippets of encouragement that companies share with their employees throughout the year.


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