2017 - 2018 Career Salary Schedule    

  Career -  Non Exempt     
Level Position   Minimum Maximum
 112      $10.20  $15.30
  Assistant, Library    
  Campus Courier    
  Inter-Library Loan Clerk    
  Printing Equipment Operator    
  Shipping/Receiving Clerk    
  Specialist, Mailroom    
  Telephone Operator     
 113      $11.22   $16.82
  Academic Office Assistant    
  Accounting Clerk III     
  Assistant, Admissions     
  Assistant, Early College    
  Assistant, Educational Records    
  Assistant, Laboratory    
  Campus Resource Officer    
  Courier/Staff II    
  Groundskeeper - Chemical Specialist     
  Groundskeeper - Irrigation Technician    
  Specialist, Dispatcher/Permitting    
  Staff Assistant II     
  Trades Worker I - General Maintenance    
  Trades Worker I - Painter     
 114       $12.34  $18.50
  Academic Department Secretary     
  Assistant, Financial Aid     
  Assistant, Laboratory - Natural Science    
  Assistant, Student Services (Call Center)    
  Specialist, Class Fulfillment     
  Specialist, Customer Service Center    
  Specialist, Customer Support Service    
  Specialist, Museum     
  Specialist, Production    
  Specialist I, Human Resources    
  Specialist I, Payroll     
  Staff Assistant III     
  Trades Worker II - Carpenter     
  Trades Worker II - Electrical     
  Trades Worker II - General Maintenance - LWR  
  Trades Worker II - General Maintenance - Venice  
  Trades Worker II - HVAC Mechanical     
  Trades Worker II - Plumber     
  Trades Worker II - Small Engine Mechanic    
 115       $13.58  $20.35
  Academic Division Secretary     
  Administrative and Budget Specialist, Facilities Management    
  Box Office Manager     
  Executive Assistant II     
  Graphic Artist     
  Lead, Student Services Assistant (Call Center)  
  Specialist, Customer Service/Facilities Operations  
  Specialist, Driver Improvement     
  Specialist, Foundation     
  Specialist, Help Desk     
  Specialist, Transfer Credit    
  Specialist II, Human Resources     
  Testing Technician     
 116      $14.93  $22.39
  Accounting Technician I     
  Advising Specialist    
  Executive Assistant III - VP     
  Instructional Assistant  
  Laboratory Support Specialist, Natural Science Lab    
  Lead Graphic Artist     
  Lead Help Desk Specialist  
  Office Supervisor, Facilities Management    
  Office Supervisor, Library Services  
  Office Supervisor, Traffic Safety Institute     
  Specialist, Career and Technical Education    
  Specialist, Health Professions     
  Specialist, Multicultural - Special Programs    
  Specialist, Payroll/Supervisor     
  Specialist, Placement     
  Specialist, Public Safety Technology     
  Specialist, Recruitment and New Student    
  Specialist, Recruitment and New Student - Venice  
  Specialist, Student Services     
  Specialist, Technical Support     
  Technical Trainer     
 117       $16.43   $24.64
  Accounting Technician II     
  Adjunct Coordinator    
  Advisor I    
  Network Systems Technician     
  Sergeant, Public Safety - VC    
  Specialist, Accommodation and Assistive Technology  
  Specialist, Auditorium Support     
  Specialist, Degree Evaluations and Projects    
  Specialist, Graduation    
  Specialist, Library Support     
  Specialist, Research    
  Specialist, Technical Services Library Support  
  Trades Worker III - Electrician     
  Trades Worker III - HVAC Mechanical    
  Trades Worker III - Preventive Maintenance  
  118      $18.07   $27.11
  Assistant Manager, Public Safety    
  Coordinator, IT Projects    
  Lab Technical Manager    
  Specialist, Desktop-Audio Visual Support  
  Specialist, Grants and Research     
  Supervisor, Maintenance Operations    
  Career  -  Exempt      
Level Position   Minimum Maximum
 E16   $29,119 $43,678
  Lab Instructor - Academic Resource Center (ARC)  
  Lab Instructor - Ceramics  
  Lab Instructor - Drama  
  Lab Instructor - Film  
  Lab Instructor - Graphic Design  
  Lab Instructor - Photo/Ceramics  
  Production Instructor - Theatre     
  Supplemental Instruction Specialist - Academic Resource Center (ARC)
 E17     $32,043  $48,065 
  A.S. Recruiter/Advisor    
  Legal Assistant     
  Site Coordinator, Academic Resource Center (ARC)  
 E18     $35,245  $52,868
  Advisor II, Advising Services    
  Advisor II, Career Resource Center    
  Advisor II, Veterans Benefits, Financial Aid Services    
  Athletic Trainer     
  Dental Hygiene Clinical Manager     
  Site Manager, Venice Disability Resource Center  
  Specialist, Federal Programs, Financial Aid Services   
  Specialist, Loan Officer, Financial Aid Services    
  Specialist, Processor, Financial Aid Services     
  Specialist,State Programs, Scholarships and Grants, Financial Aid  
Salary ranges stated are for 12 month positions and are prorated for 9 and 10 month positions.

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