Human Resources Staff

Human Resource offices are located at SCF Bradenton. Human Resources staff maintain regular office hours at SCF Venice. 

Vacant, Staff Assistant III -(941-752-5375 ) - provides front desk reception and supports HR team.

Sheri King-Hicks, Staff Assistant III - (941-752-5578 ) - Provides support for HRIS functions. Questions regarding time cards and leave balances. 

Tina Sadrianna,, Staff Assistant III-  (941-752-5578 ) - Provides support for employment function.

Jean Felicita, Staff Assistant III - (941-752-5470) - Benefit support to the Benefit Coordinator. Questions regarding benefits and Training Opportunity Program (TOP).

Employee Wellness Coordinator) - Plans wellness programming, offers wellness coaching, runs wellness program under the oversight of the Benefits Coordinator.

Vacant, Executive Assistant II() - Administrative support to the Director and Assistant Director of Human Resources.

Patti Duly, HRIS  (941-752-5297) - All payroll authorizations, questions regarding current pay, personnel data, and employment records.

Tracy Moore, Benefits Coordinator - (941-752-5393  ) - All questions regarding health, retirement or other benefits.

Erika Gillette, Employment/Equity Manager - (941-752-5323) - All employment issues and questions regarding harassment/discrimination. Serves as the Equity Officer for the College, developments and implements diversity initiatives at the College.

Gloria Tracy, Assistant Director of Human Resources -  (941-752-5506) Provides strategic input to management regarding staffing, compensation, benefits, professional development and the diversity initiatives of the College. Provides coordination of ADA Section 503 and 504 compliance activities.  Oversees employment and benefit areas.

Jennifer LaHurd, Director of Human Resources-  (941-752-5599) - Administration of the College wide Human Resources function. 

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